New Shin Bet Unit Established to Eliminate Hamas Members Who Committed Brutal Oct 7th Attack

New Shin Bet Unit Established to Eliminate Hamas Members Who Committed Brutal Oct 7th Attack

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The Shin Bet (Israel Security Service)  has now established a new unit named Nili, an acronym in Hebrew for “The Eternity of Israel Will Not Lie” in its determined effort to find  all those involved in the brutal Hamas terrorist attack that left more than 1,400 Israelis dead on the morning of October 7th, according to a Jerusalem Post report.

The unit is dedicated to hunting down and eliminating every individual who played a role in the massacre in the western Negev settlements two weeks ago, the JPost reported.

This particular force that operates under the aegis of the Shin Bet was created for the purpose of targeting members of a special commando unit within Hamas’s military wing called Nukhba (“elite”) who infiltrated Israel on that fateful morning and engaged in mass murders in 22 communities in southern Israel and outposts of the IDF, the report said. After committing these heinous atrocities they then returned to Gaza.

The JPost report added that members of this new unit are operating independently of other Command and Control units that are focused on neutralizing strike cells and high-ranking terrorists.

Within the unit both intelligence personnel and field operatives  are working to achieve this particular mission, the JPost report said.

Last Saturday, Ali Qadhi, a commander within the Hamas Nukhba force and a key player in the attack on the border area, was neutralized, as was reported by the JPost. The following day saw the elimination of another leading figure, Billal Al Kedra, who spearheaded the lethal raid in Nirim.