Air Defense for Ukraine and New Sanctions Will Be a Response to the Kremlin’s War Crimes

In the evening of October 21, Russia launched an attack with two S-300 missiles on the territory of the Kharkiv region. The Nova Poshta terminal was hit. As a result of this war crime, 6 civilians were killed and 16 civilians were wounded inside the facility. The terminal was almost completely destroyed, dozens of trucks used for the needs of the enterprise were damaged by the blast wave and rocket fragments. The continued firing of missiles and drones on Ukraine makes the issue of the creation of a deeply echeloned air defense system around every large Ukrainian city especially topical.

Russia continues to commit numerous war crimes in Ukraine — this is the reason for another sanctions against the terrorist state. So, the EU will consider limiting the import of diamonds from the Russian Federation in the new, 12th package of sanctions: annually, the Kremlin receives at least 4 billion euros from their sale to Europe. Consequently, part of this money is used to continue the war of aggression against Ukraine.

A separate, no less important issue is the limitation of the Russian Federation’s ability to import high-tech goods that later find their use in the military industry. In particular, in the production of missiles: the Russian Air Force does not stop attacking Ukrainian cities with ballistic and cruise missiles — the Kremlin has found loopholes thanks to which it circumvents sanctions. Thus, the tightening of control over the sale of components for missiles and drones is an alternative solution to the weakening of the RF’s military-industrial complex.

Russia’s actions are a threat to the entire world. Putin is trying to cause global instability to weaken the West and to make it dependent on the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Consequently, the West must reconsider the threat from Russia and level it. Sanctions, the deepening international isolation of the Kremlin and all kinds of support for Ukraine, in particular, the supply of Western weapons for its army, are considered key conditions for eliminating this threat.