National Guard conducts exercise with US Navy in Cyprus

The Cypriot National Guard and the United States Navy conducted a joint military exercise on Monday showcasing a series of tactical and advanced manoeuvres, technical exercises, and collaborative search and rescue operations involving helicopters, informs in-cyprus.

In an official statement, the National Guard highlighted the participation of the US Navy’s Guided Missile Destroyer DDG 61 – USS Ramage in Cyprus’ maritime territories. This engagement led to the execution of an international naval exercise, bearing the designation “CYP/USA – 03/2023,” in cooperation with the United States Navy.

Crafted through a collaborative effort between the Naval Command and the United States Navy, the exercise brought together various units, including the frigate HS ALASIA (A-620) of the Cyprus National Guard, AW-139 helicopters from the Air Force Command (AFC), and the American destroyer itself.

The exercise’s framework encompassed a range of activities, spanning tactical manoeuvres, advanced techniques, as well as Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, all of which saw the seamless integration of helicopter assets.

“The exercise, which is part of the framework of international collaborations developed by the National Guard, is considered particularly beneficial, as it provides the personnel of the NC and the AFC the opportunity to train alongside units of the United States Navy, highlighting the excellent relations and confirming the continuous enhancement of military cooperation between the Armed Forces of the two countries,” it is noted.