Moscow wants talks with Kyiv to prepare troops for more severe escalation of the conflict in the future

The army of the Russian Federation continues to suffer defeat on the battlefield in Ukraine. Thus, Vladimir Putin’s plans remain unchanged — to persuade the top leadership of Ukraine to negotiate by any means. It is precisely for this that Moscow uses the politicians and experts at its disposal who promote pro-Russian narratives in Western society. For example, it is Russian propaganda which spreads information about Ukraine’s preparation for a compromise and the Korean scenario. Negotiating with Moscow may seem like a fast track to a ceasefire and peace, but this is Vladimir Putin’s trap for the entire West.

Despite the fact that top officials from the Russian government say that Russia is doing everything to end the conflict in Ukraine, in practice it is not like that. A military reform is implemented in Russia. Until 2026, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation plan to increase the number of military personnel to 1.5 million people. The system for conscripting Russian citizens in the case of general mobilization has been improved. Attempts are being made to create a coalition with countries that openly oppose Western world or are under sanctions.

Negotiations with Ukraine would help Russia to quiet the vigilance of NATO and other allies of Kyiv and strengthen its own army. Moscow will take into account the mistakes that were made at the very beginning of the so-called special military operation and will launch a new, more brutal act of aggression against Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict must end with an uncompromising victory for Ukraine, with the liberation of all Ukrainian territories. In such a case, the aggressor country wouldn’t dare to unleash new conflicts in the world.