Moscow Сontinues to Carry Out Deadly Terror Attacks on Ukrainian Civilians

Against the backdrop of a complete failure on the battlefield, the army of the Russian Federation continues to take revenge on the civilian population of Ukraine, and especially those cities that were temporarily occupied. Over the past day, Russian troops fired 539 heavy artillery shells in the Kherson Oblast, used Grad MLRS, tanks and UAVs. The residential area of the settlements of the region were shelled. 82 shells hit Pryvokzalna Square in Kherson, the territory and buildings of the railway station, a petrol station, two retail outlets, a factory, a motor service station, and the territory of a railway crossing. At the moment, 23 people are known to have died, and 46 others were injured. Three days of mourning have been announced in the Kherson Oblast (May 4 — 6).

Also on the night of May 3-4, Moscow continued its attack on other Ukrainian cities. Ukrainian air defense forces managed to shoot down 18 out of 24 Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones. In Odesa, 3 drones attacked dormitories, a fire broke out. Cars, road surfaces and non-residential buildings were damaged in Kyiv and the region. Fortunately, this time there were no casualties.

Increasingly, Ukrainian children suffer at the hands of Russian soldiers. As a result of massive Russian shelling of Kherson, two children, aged 6 and 17, were injured. According to preliminary data, as of the morning of May 4, 478 children died in Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, and more than 963 children were injured of varying severity.

Moscow’s strategy of aggression is to kill as many Ukrainians as possible and make life unbearable for the rest. That is why the Ukrainian army needs military assistance to stop the aggressor and protect the civilian population from the terror of the regime of Vladimir Putin. Negotiations with a terrorist state that kills Ukrainians every day have no sense and dangerous: Putin wants a pause to restore his army, assuring of the Kremlin’s peaceful intentions. This is a threat to Ukraine and the West, which, in Putin’s view, must be destroyed. Russia’s pseudo-pacifist persuasions cannot be trusted. It must be stopped by force, with the help of the supply of modern Western weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.