Krasnogorsk Tragedy: the Answer to the Russian Accusations

On March 22, 2024, unknown armed people carried out a brutal attack on peaceful Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, that is not far from Moscow. After this tragedy, Russian officials were quick to blame Ukraine in this terrorist act. However, such accusations are not only groundless, but also discredit and distract from real criminals and their odious motives.

Ukraine denies any connection with the wave of terror in Russia, and emphasizes its determination to fight Russian aggression by conventional means — attacks on military facilities that power Putin’s tireless military machine. Ukraine’s position is clear – it is a fight against the aggression of the Kremlin regime, not against innocent civilians.
Even the Freedom of Russia Legion, a Russian resistance movement active in regions such as Belgorod and Kursk, distanced itself from accusations, emphasizing the Kremlin’s habit to create enemies to maintain power. The main suspect in the attack in Krasnogorsk seems to be in the ranks of the Chekist Kremlin regime, which is experienced in organizing bloody provocations to implement its plans.
Looking at history, one cannot help but notice frightening parallels with past events. The arrival of Putin’s regime in 1999 was marked by explosions in Moscow, Buynaksk and Volgodonsk. There was convincing evidence of Russian special services participation. The same applies now- innocent lives are sacrificed to justify the guilt of the regime, simultaneously sowing the seeds of fear and justifying draconian laws.
The Kremlin’s heartless disregard for human lives is still evident in its results, which are the unnecessary war with Ukraine, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The tragedy in Krasnogorsk is another manifestation of a regime that places its own survival above the well-being of its citizens.
Unfortunately, attacks on civilians have become part of Russian tactics. The brutality of the regime knows no bounds, from Bucha and Mariupol to the Moscow region, perpetuating the cycle of violence and suffering.
As the international community deals with the consequences of the Krasnogorsk attack, it must resist the Kremlin’s attempts to use the tragedy for its own purposes. Putin’s regime is trying to use this incident to discredit Ukraine, inflame anti-Ukrainian sentiment and manipulate history to avoid responsibility.
The international community must unite to honor the memory of the victims and prevent further exploitation of their suffering. It is necessary to reject false accusations against Ukraine and strengthen support for Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression.
In the face of evil, solidarity and determination are necessary. Let’s not let the tragedy in Krasnogorsk become fodder for the Kremlin’s propaganda machine. Instead, let it serve as a catalyst for greater vigilance and collective action against tyranny and injustice.