Instructions for a conscious Russian: how to end the war in 48 hours and save Russia from an impending catastrophe

Against the backdrop of the catastrophe, which is increasingly and more clearly approaching Russia, the veil of brainwashing that swept over the Russians a few months ago gradually began to dissipate. The spirit of jingoism, reinforced by Russian propaganda, began to gradually decrease in sync with the ever-increasing flow of zinc coffins and crippled conscripts — yesterday’s boys who forever lost the opportunity to establish an adult life, create families and spend the rest of their lives in torment because of Putin’s whim.

The President of Russia unleashed this senseless and bloody war, largely relying on the passionate support of his electorate. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of Russians share the blame for the actual genocide of the Slavic peoples taking place in the center of Europe. In the bloodiest war in the 21st century, military and civilians are dying, the Russian militaries are killing civilians in Ukraine, and no matter how Russian propaganda hides this, even for several generations Russia will not be able to wash away from the shame with which it has stained itself. But Putin is not only committing genocide of Ukrainians: he is systematically destroying Russians and Russia, blindly believing that he is fighting for a just cause.

The flow of objective information, which is becoming increasingly difficult to hide, is forcing ordinary Russians to act in the name of saving their country, which is rapidly nearing a tragic denouement.

Our publication interviewed a citizen of the Russian Federation Nikolai G., who currently lives in the Republic of Cyprus, and previously lived in Rostov-on-Don and maintains contact with his former colleagues. His former employee, Ivan R., contacted him and said that on 08/09/2022 at approximately 22:15 he observed a convoy of military equipment of more than 50 vehicles moving along Koroleva Avenue in a western direction, coordinates — 47.295211, 39.710945.

All equipment was on tractors, it was obvious that it was heading to Ukraine. Ivan was also surprised that the column was not moving along the bypass road passing near Ashan, but along high-rise buildings, raising a roar and attracting the attention of Rostovites at such a late hour. Presumably, military equipment was moving towards the village of Chaltyr, and then in the direction of Taganrog to cross the border of the DPR.

Another of his colleagues, Sergey Kh., said that 2 km from the Novocherkassk railway station in the direction of Rostov-on-Don, there is a site for the accumulation of military equipment for subsequent transfer to the war zone in Ukraine. According to him, the site «is filled with a variety of military equipment, which is chaotically piled up there with the help of a gantry crane without any ordering.»

Our interlocutor, being outside Russia, considered it necessary to inform the relevant authorities about what he had learned. Being not indifferent to the future fate of Russia, Nikolai G. believes that there is an effective way to end the war in 48 hours: using social communication to report data on the concentration and location of military equipment heading to Ukraine — and save, including the Russians abandoned by Putin in the furnace of war.

It’s too late to protest passively. Holding rallies in safe European cities is pointless.

Now there is a countdown separating Russia from the catastrophe, it has gone for months, and only active participation can change the situation.