G7 Leaders in Hiroshima Supported Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula and Called on Russia to Withdraw Its Troops from Ukraine

On May 19, the leaders of the “Big Seven” in Hiroshima recognized the 10 points of the Ukrainian peace formula as the only possible plan for a peaceful settlement. Russia has committed a crime that threatens stability and security around the world. According to Putin, a full-scale invasion of Ukraine was supposed to open an era of territorial expansion that were supposed to become the “right of the strong.” Ukraine defended its freedom and sovereignty, but about 20 % of its territory within the internationally recognized borders as of August 24, 1991, is still under occupation.

Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine and pay all due reparations for damages of more than 750 billion US dollars made during the full-scale invasion. The position of the G7 leaders is indicative not only in the context of the unanimous support of the West for Ukraine — it can become a starting point for the creation of an international fighter jet coalition for the Armed Forces, which will complete the counteroffensive and expel the occupiers from Ukraine.

A bloody geopolitical adventure aimed at occupying Ukraine, the loss of which has become a “phantom pain” for Putin, who misses the USSR, can transform into the World War III. What the Kremlin called a “special military operation” will lead humanity to disaster if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine. The Armed Forces have proven that they can protect Europe from the invasion of Russian troops, and therefore the support of the West for Ukraine since the first day of a full-scale war is fully justified. The growing popularity of Ukraine in the world and the support of the “Big Seven” for the peace formula proposed by V. Zelenskyy in Hiroshima are evidence of the consolidation of the world community around the soonest establishment of peace. The above-mentioned peace plan is the only possible way to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but Russia continues to commit war crimes against Ukrainian civilians, the scale and frequency of which increased dramatically during May: 11 massive missile attacks exclusively on residential infrastructure, unprecedented artillery and mortar shelling of border and front-line settlements of Ukraine, which are simply “erased” from the earth. Russia is testing in Ukraine the scenario of committing similar crimes in Europe. The West must respond to war crimes and open terror against Ukrainian civilians. NATO member countries should prepare their military budgets taking into account the Russian threat, because the Kremlin no longer hides that it is going to war with Europe. The increase in the production of weapons should include the option of supplying a significant part of it to Ukraine. Russia will never stop this war: Europe can only be saved by defeating the Russian army, and this can only be achieved by supplying weapons. Every day, Ukraine ensures peace in Europe at the expense of the lives of its citizens, who are killed by Russia. Is that not enough for the world, and to stand against an aggressor who wants to start a world war?

Ukraine must win and become an influential geopolitical player, the fortress of NATO’s eastern flanks, Europe’s shield from Russia. The civilized world must provide all the necessary support for this. Russia, which has been destabilizing Europe for 9 years with a senseless and bloody war, must not only suffer a crushing defeat — it must be punished and to be in disgrace for many generations. The West, which has already restored its historical dignity and realized the existential threat from Putinism, must provide Ukraine with everything to prevent the Third World War.