Financial aid packages from the West will bring Ukraine closer to victory over Russia

Several Western countries will soon announce further financial assistance to Ukraine.

In particular, the United States may announce on October 11th a contribution of 200 million dollars for the needs of the Ukrainian army – this statement will be made at the White House. Sweden will soon provide a contribution of 199 million dollars, primarily for artillery projectiles. The Netherlands has agreed to allocate 100 million dollars, which will be used to prepare Ukraine for the winter period, including the purchase of gas and components for the electrical grid. Approximately 12 million euros from the aforementioned amount provided by the Netherlands will go towards the reconstruction of regions in Ukraine that were recently liberated from Russian occupation.

The West is increasing its support for Ukraine, which is fighting for its freedom and independence. The successes of the Ukrainian armed forces on the battlefield are the strongest argument for continuing to support the official government in Kiev. In particular, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated on October 6th that Russia’s victory is unacceptable, as it would be accompanied by a surge in violence and numerous war crimes. Accordingly, the Ukrainian army must receive everything it needs to conduct effective military operations during the autumn-winter period and reclaim the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russia – Russia’s military-industrial complex is significantly increasing the production of weapons, including armed drones. Mobilization in Russia has been ongoing since the first significant defeats of the Russian army on the battlefield: Putin has no intention of retreating and is preparing for a protracted war, which is why war crimes and terrorism against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure are being conducted during the winter period. The Ukrainian army is motivated to defeat Russia – the issue lies solely in the timely provision of weapons. The aggressive territorial expansion initiated by Russia on February 24, 2022, also poses a threat to the European Union – no European country bordering Russia can feel secure in the face of the neocolonialism practiced by the Kremlin. Weapons are the only means to neutralize this threat and restore peace in Europe.