Fatal accidents decreased by 39% after traffic cameras, police say

Fatal traffic accidents have plummeted by 39% within 1.5 years after the installation of traffic cameras across the island, Deputy Police Chief and Assistant Director of the Traffic Department Harris Evripidou told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), informs in-cyprus.

Evripidou noted that a network of twenty mobile traffic cameras is actively operating throughout Cyprus daily.

“In the last year and a half since the implementation of the traffic camera system, fatal road collisions have decreased by 39% and serious accidents by over 50%,” Evripidou noted.

The system’s application, as indicated by European-level studies, has demonstrated a reduction beyond the 20% observed in countries that have adopted similar systems, he added.

Notably, the 20 mobile cameras cover both highways and urban roads, with an additional “90 fixed cameras positioned at 30 locations.”

Since July 24, 2023, the system has expanded further, with four new cameras activated to monitor the intersections of Archbishop Makarios III Avenues with Despina and Nikos Pattichis, and Archbishop Leonidou I in Limassol.

Fixed cameras are already operational in Nicosia, overseeing intersections on Griva Digeni Avenue with Dimosthenis Severis, Limassol Avenue with Armenia Street, Prodromou Avenue with Griva Digeni, Arch. Makarios III – Spyros Kyprianou – Digenis Akritas, and Strovolos Avenue with Machaira Street in Strovolos.

In Limassol, fixed cameras are also active at the intersections of Archbishop Makarios III Avenue and Ayia Zoni. Furthermore, during the initial phase, six mobile cameras were deployed.

Euripides also noted that any issues that may have arisen from the programme’s implementation, including collaboration with private traffic camera operators, have been resolved in cooperation with the electromechanical services department.