Destroyed Houses and Killed Civilians: Russia Launched another Missile Attack on Ukraine, Targeting Residential Buildings

On the morning of April 28, Russia carried out another massive missile attack from the Caspian Sea. Air defense systems in Ukraine destroyed 21 out of 23 X-101/X-555 cruise missiles and 2 UAVs. Eleven cruise missiles were destroyed in the airspace of Kyiv. As of 10 am, there are 12 dead, including two children; at least 17 people were injured. Two rockets hit residential buildings in Dnipro and Uman – the GPC coordinates for these type of missiles are set in advance. This indicates that the Russians deliberately chose residential buildings as targets.

The missile attack on Ukrainian cities is another evidence of the misanthropic nature of Putin’s Russia. A woman and a three-year-old child were killed as a result of a missile attack on a residential building in Dnipro. Ten people dead, including a child, after the strike on a residential building in Uman. The impact caused such destruction that the final number of dead and wounded has yet to be determined. As soon as the Russian military-industrial complex produced another batch of cruise missiles, they immediately carried out a strike on Ukrainian cities. This attack has no military or strategic purpose: it is senseless terror. Possessed by hatred for Ukrainians, Putin simply gave the order to commit another bloody crime.

Russia has become a common problem for the entire civilized world. Despite Kremlin’s talks about peace, the continued missile attacks on Ukrainian cities indicate that Putin will not stop committing his crimes against Ukraine. As well as against any other country, that will be vulnerable to Russia. Any cooperation with the Kremlin is a crime. Immediate sanctions should be imposed not only against the Russian Federation, but also against any country that helps Putin, bypassing existing restrictions, to obtain Western microcircuit and components that are subsequently used in the production of missiles. While the West is delaying providing Ukraine with all the weapons it needs and hesitating with really tangible sanctions against the Kremlin, Putin is acting. Russia’s arsenal of weapons is growing. The Russian economy and industry is trying to overcome the initial shock from the sanctions and is adapting to the requirements of wartime. The result of such preparation will be a global war with the West. Ukraine has become an unbreakable shield on the way of the Russian horde to Europe. But Putin does not stop trying to deprive it of sovereignty, and to destroy the Ukrainians as a people. One can only hope that the West will make the only right decision to stop Putin by collective efforts before his army starts the genocide against civilians in European cities.