Buffer zone barbed wire placed in bid to curb illegal migration could be removed soon

Nicosia buffer zone barbed wire placed in a bid to curb migrant flows from the divided island’s breakaway north could be removed in September following an effectiveness review, informs in-cyprus.

This is what Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou has told state radio when referring to the barbed wire which stretches 11km from Astromeritis to the UN-controlled old Nicosia airport.

This has increasingly inconvenienced buffer zone communities, especially farmers which find it difficult to tending their land in the buffer zone. Residents also raised the issue of property devaluation and an inability to build in the fields.

The new government – which took over in March – considers this measure to have failed since the barbed wire was not placed on all of the 184 kilometre-long buffer zone.

Ioannou also said the goal is to improve surveillance through new technological means for early warning. Along with the effective surveillance of the buffer zone by special police officers who have been recruited by the Republic’ Police Force.

Moreover, the Eastern Mediterranean Action Plan which got the approval of the European Council last February, is in the process of being drawn up.

Cyprus’ position on the content of the plan focuses on addressing the influx of migrants from the Green Line through a diplomatic approach to Turkey, making use of EU policies and instruments.