Ayder Muzhdabaev sees russia`s future in decline on many fronts

The correspondent of the Cyprus Daily News, Boris Demash had an honor to attend the 6th Forum of Free Russia held in Vilnius. There he discussed concerning international issues with a journalist, the Deputy Director General of the only worldwide operating Crimean Tatar TV station, the ATR, Ayder Muzhdabaev.

 — Ayder, why does the world fail to understand whom it is dealing with? Why do they find Putin`s Russia a credible subject to negotiate and bargain to get the most favorable offer on each requirement? How on Earth does the West have no idea that Russia`s regime is criminal and under these circumstances the only leverage is the use of force?

— To begin with, the modern world is characterized by self-indulgence, laziness and inflexibility. Moreover, this world puts fusillade and innocent casualties  outside of its scope of interest. Until the bell rings no one opens the door. These are common features of human beings who live in society that never experienced such prosperity as it enjoys now. It has completely immersed into material world and forgot the instinct to predict and prevent threats. One may say it turned into a well-fed sheep which is an easy catch for the predator. To put it mildly the creature enjoys its food and life while being eaten by giant vulture.

Furthermore, we witness the era of bubbleheads in politics. Apparently some bugs in the democratic system have triggered errors that affected the process of political-elite formation. I suppose something jeopardize the system. Don`t you find weird that populists, dodos, hardly amateurs yearn to power. They don`t have enough expertise to evaluate risks. They barely may draft the annual actions strategy. Thus they are incompetent in what they were entrusted with. 

Last but not least, it seems that the most recognized world universities as Oxford, Stanford, Harvard graduate students with too confronting values. Possibly the Western high education became an advocate of far-left spectrum. The philosophy and consequently the way of decision making has a high degree of leftism now. Under such approach people are greatly welcomed to tolerate everything surrounding them, even what is taboo. They urge to understand Putin`s actions and let Russians into your hearts with their endeavor to conquer the world.

— Do you mean that they urge to negotiate with those, who are not subjects to any agreements because of their own nature?

Their behavior in politics is the way they would never act at for the benefit of themselves . Look, in their ordinary life they will never enter into agreements with aggressors, or a robber, or with a sharpie. But in politics, they believe that this can be done. In their life, they will never put the populist, who does not understand anything, to lead the housing bureau. But in politics, they believe, it is possible to give power to people who are clearly not adapted to it and clearly inadequate. People have lost their responsibility. They live too well. But nothing. I think Putin will fix it.

— During Federal System of Solutions` forum you have given a very precise title to the state system that exists in Russia now. You called it Reich. Please elaborate on your statement and this term. 

The Russian political system is neither authoritarian, nor totalitarian, nor dictatorship. First of all, it is based on the cult of greatness of the Russian people, which Putin preaches to people, making millions of Russians his mental allies. Moreover, he follows his plan and influence people regardless of their nationality, the degree of their wealth or the degree of their education.

Basically, both oligarchs and homeless, who watch TV,  can support Putin in his fight with the rest of the world. Putin assured them that the Russians are the best people in the world and the strongest. His ideology, that Russia has no borders, Russia will certainly defeat everyone, this cult of victory, namely «we have always won», as if the whole world is against Russia and Russia has always won — is the ideology of the Russian Reich.

The Russian Reich has the idea that the Russians are unique people. Ukrainians, in contrast, do not exist at all. Only gays, lesbians and perverts live in the West. That there is only one authentic state — Russia. The only nationality — Russian. The real idea is the Russian idea. It is different from everything and has respect to other states once in a blue moon. But! It is holy and sacred for everyone.

The Russian world has the right to everything. To the Crimea, which they declared their own. Tomorrow they will declare their Constantinople, Byzantine. Everything where a Russian man operates, where he lives automatically becomes Russia. «Russia has no borders», says Vladimir Putin, and it is supported by most Russian emigrants in different countries of the world, who lives in Germany, Israel, America. After given example they begin to promote the Russian world under the instructions. They confess their love to the Putin Fuhrer, who led them to this path of greatness and the restoration of the empire. 

Putin is much like Mussolini, so I call this regime fascist. Mussolini, too, revived the greatness of the empire, also said that we were unjustly humiliated, but we are a great nation, we will restore our greatness and forced everyone to respect ourselves.

The Putin regime is an ordinary fascist regime that is based on the existence of the Fuhrer, who knows the psychological status of people and uses these moods to maintain his power. In turn, the mood of the masses is formed by propaganda. The main message of propaganda is the idea of ​​ Russia`s dominance in the world, the punishment of countries and peoples, the desire to have their own interests everywhere.

— We, living in the European Union, have hit upon an amazing phenomenon. People who come to us from Russia are often rich, successful, educated. They purchase property in European countries, send their children to study at European or American universities, they keep money in European banks. But at the same time, they adore Putin, they are patriots of today’s Russia, they are happy to spread the nonsense that they receive from Russian television propaganda. How may you explain this issue?

There is a fine line here and I guess I will be accused of Russophobia or xenophobia. But I do not mean Russians by nationality. These people may be of different nationalities. And these «Russian people», let`s call them this way will wherever they go, even to Antarctica, remain adherents of this religion of victory. Putin very surely acknowledged them.

In fact, it is a fanatical sect based on lies, on the justification of violence, on dishonor. This is a sect whose members can do anything, more than others. They admire Putin because he violates all laws. They really like it. There are no authorities for Putin; he can send anyone anywhere. Russia can do anything!

The majority of Russians living in Western society do not integrate. Even with capital they remain dishonored people deep in their souls. They communicate with like people, hate people around, the country where they live. They hate their neighbors — the indigenous people of the country to which they fled. With all their kindness and behavior, in communication with each other, in social networks, they make it clear that they are higher, they are Russians. They are involved in this great Reich. And you others are rubbish. We are defeating you now and soon be prepared to bend and be punished.

Putin takes advantage of this. Russians living in European countries, account to 80% or even more of Putin’s agents in these countries. These agents are not only spies, but also Russian agents of influence. This is clearly seen in countries such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus. In these countries there too many of them. There they buy real estate, business and are increasingly influencing domestic politics of these countries. This is one way how Putin wage a hybrid war.  

The way to reach this huge audience and transfer the cross-border Russian world to other countries is, of course, the issue Russian language. Wherever Russian is spoken, there is a huge risk of a Russian invasion . Strange as it may seem, countries such as Israel, Germany and Cyprus are at risk. Wherever there is a certain amount of Russian-speaking population, these countries are under the threat of a hybrid Russian invasion.  

In any country, the government may suddenly become oppressive of the Russian people. Don`t worry, be sure that the Russian troops will land in this country. What may happen in case it would seem to Putin that in Spain there are not enough Russian schools and not many Russian speaking and there are many Russian people. He will begin to present ultimatums to the government of Spain. Then he will start looking for a reason for war, a reason for sanctions. At the same time, we must not forget that the main instrument of Putin’s influence on Western societies, on Western countries, on Western politicians is a simple bribery. He just purchase the voices of politicians. Let`s recapitulate the main methods of the KGB: blackmail, bribery, threats. All these work perfectly and show high efficiency. 

For example, how, on what basis could Macron’s position radically change in two years? I see no other reason except a combination of vested interests and blackmailing. For forty-year-olds, ideas and attitudes do not change this way. This is just unbelievable. Macron first said that «Russia Today» is Putin’s propaganda that intervenes in France’s internal affairs. Three years later  he himself invited the editor of «Russia Today» to the forum under his auspices in the building of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, where he previously blamed the Russian delegation with all its freaks and criminals that you can imagine.

 This is done by the same person, Emanuel Macron. First question, what is the reason for such a sharp change in his position? Second, what is his private interest? Personally, I view the answer in Macron’s material interest. Perhaps with elements of blackmail and threats.

— In what way, in your opinion, can this monster be defeated? In my opinion, one cannot talk with Putin, one cannot negotiate with him, one cannot convince him, sign agreements. Putin always deceives, always breaches agreements, always uses your desire for negotiations and discussion against interests of counter-agents.

If we do not view a war as an instrument, because Putin can wage a war at any time and in any place because of his desire for greatness and world domination, then the peaceful solution is obvious. The realization by Western society and elites that the main threat to modern civilization is not China, not terrorism… The main threat is Russia, which is both a terrorist, an aggressor, a nuclear power with crazy leadership, and a sponsor of terrorism.

Now, when this awareness is just around the EU corner, the Western societies will choose politicians who are also aware of this threat. There are already such politicians in the West, but they are not in trend. The wave of irresponsible populists will pass sooner or later, or Putin will create something that will open everyone`s eyes. Imagine,  they shot down the plane — not enough, killed people with poison in Britain — not enough, intervened in elections in different countries — not enough. Apparently, something more specific is needed.

I am sure that Putin will do this and that a meaningful change will occur in the West. This is applicable to elites too. Only after that Western countries will begin a systemic struggle. 

In order to defeat modern Russia by non-military means, the preparation may take a year or a year and a half. This may be a refusal to purchase energy, as a result Russia will immediately lose assets. Refusal of any deliveries of any goods. Declaration of blockade of Russia. It is important to go all the way in this matter and fight this Reich seriously. Then it is possible to defeat him. 

The Soviet Union was many times more powerful and influential than today’s Russia. But it ended up in a few years, when Reagan and Thatcher began an uncompromising struggle with the USSR. And the same Russian people rejoiced at the disappearance of the USSR. When Russia disappears it will be the same. Russian society should stop thinking about world domination, which was brought up by Russian literature, invented by the story that they always saved everyone and dashed to such a huge empire. 

This will happen when there is nothing to eat, and in the eyes of the Russian people this idea of ​​superiority, the idea of ​​the Reich will become economically unreasonable. Of course they will choose food, as they did in 1991. Then they did not think of any empires. They thought about where to find food. As soon as the Russian public eats it immediately as starting wars of aggression on the perimeter and restore the empire. This bear, when he is hungry, is ready to lick your feet for food. As soon as you feed him, he will bite you again and again. 

The West did not complete its plan then. The commitments were to disarm Russia. The system of insurance against the revival of this monster was not constructed. The West allowed the KGB officers to come to power and continued to help them, and believed in Putin, and believed everything that he told them. The result of this shortsighted policy is today’s Russia and Putin. This mistake cannot be repeated.

Russia needs to be brought to political and economic bankruptcy by stopping the purchase of hydrocarbons. After that, political conditions should be set: the surrender of weapons, the provision of free choice of the future in the regions within Russia. This country needs to be disintegrated and neutralized. Be sure to introduce external management for several decades. Otherwise, everything will be stolen again and nothing will work.

— Do you think this Reich was built at the request of its population?

If there hadn’t been Putin, there would have been another like leader. It’s not about Putin. If he leaves power tomorrow, the Russian people will find another king, or even worse. They may not be personally satisfied with Putin, salary, pension, or something else. But Putin’s idea of ​​Russian superiority suits them perfectly. 

Most Russians are now unhappy with Putin’s power, but they consider the capture of Crimea to be correct. The war against Ukraine is beneficial for them. The Ukrainian people do not exist. Even politician Navalny says it. In Syria, we are putting things in order. They drove the Americans out of there. We are strong. Any truck driver in any city of Russia, finishing his vodka bottle, will say, «Yes, Putin is a bitch, of course, and I don’t have enough money because of him. However, Russia is a great country and we will conquer every state of the world».

— Would you agree with me that Russia has no future?

Yes, modern Russia`s future is in decline. The future will appear as a result of the free choice of all peoples and regions after this empire called the Russian Federation falls apart. There is no way, no opportunity to keep this empire in its current form. Russia will turn into something small as it deserves to be. It will be called differently. For example, Moscovia. It is impossible to save this Reich by building democracy in the Reich. First you need to destroy the Reich, to destroy the empire. Then it will be high time to build democracy. After that, Russia will be able to integrate somewhere, for example, into the European Union.