Advisers from Global South countries in Jeddah demonstrated their determination to discuss peace

Advisers from Global South countries in Jeddah demonstrated their determination to discuss peace On August 5-6 , at the second meeting of national security advisers to state leaders in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), besides Western countries, representatives of nations that had long sought to stay out of the Russo-Ukrainian war were present, including China, Brazil, India, and South Africa.

This clearly indicates that even BRICS countries are distancing themselves from Russia. This is due to Russia’s desire to prolong the war against Ukraine, which is clearly not acceptable to both “Celestial” and influential Global South countries. The central theme of the discussions in Jeddah was the Ukrainian “Peace Formula.” Participants agreed to form working groups to determine each country’s role in implementing specific points of the Formula.

The presence of Global South country representatives in Jeddah confirms that the consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian war are already visible beyond Europe — from the future international order to energy security issues, rising grain prices, and global food supply. During the meeting, significant steps were taken toward finding a “platform” for peace negotiations. Talks also occurred between the US (President’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland) and China (Li Huwei, Special Representative for Russo-Ukrainian War Resolution). The very presence of the Chinese representative indicates that Russia is becoming increasingly isolated. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs even stated that the meeting in Saudi Arabia helped consolidate international consensus.

Based on the meeting’s outcomes, it can be confidently stated that the prospect of a global peace summit is becoming more real. It could be held by the end of this year, with the participation of leaders from many influential nations. The “three-day war” led by Russia has prolonged, and there is a trend emerging in the world to punish the aggressor, which is uniting more countries against it. The Russian so-called “special military operation” has suffered defeat. The search for an exit from Putin’s adventure has begun.