A complete ban on export-import operations from the Russian Federation is a necessary precondition for for ending the war

Despite the comprehensive sanctions imposed by the West after the start of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Russian business continues to make good money in Europe, and Russian defense enterprises freely import machines for the production of cruise and ballistic missiles, microcircuits for GLONASS, which are used to position the coordinates of targets for Iranian drones, etc. Key state corporations of the Russian Federation, such as Roscosmos, import components used in the production of tanks, aircraft and missiles without restrictions.

After the start of the war of conquest with the aim of occupying Ukraine in Russia, objectively, there are no companies, corporations or state institutions that were not involved in this process. The system created by Putin in the Russian Federation involves everyone in the war, which has become the main reason for the existence of Russia and the driving force behind the processes that take place in it. Under such conditions, the threat of creeping Russian expansion into Europe can only be averted by the introduction of total sanctions against export-import operations from the Russian Federation, the profits from which are used by the Kremlin to continue the genocidal war against Ukraine.

The Kremlin skilfully uses economic ties with the West as a source of currency revenues for the budget, as well as to create the conditions for economic and resource blackmail on the countries of Europe, which is used for purely political purposes. Back in the times of the USSR, a plan was developed to create «gas dependence» in Europe, which was significantly strengthened under Putin’s rule. The import of Russian gas to Europe de facto financed not only Gazprom and Russian oligarchs, who transferred these funds offshore, but also provided the necessary funds to strengthen the Russian army, which, after a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, was supposed to invade Europe. In other words, Putin forced the EU to finance Russia’s future aggression against this organization.

Another illustrative example of such tactics is the import of nuclear fuel from Russia to Europe. In some Central and Eastern Europe countries (Bulgaria, Hungary), the majority of nuclear reactors in nuclear power plants are built according to Soviet / Russian patterns. Accordingly, «Roscosmos» not only exports nuclear fuel to these countries, but also relies on the complete absence of sanctions, imports the necessary components that are used during the production of weapons to kill Ukrainians. This is a clear illustration of the fact that now in Russia all institutions and corporations are involved in the war with Ukraine.

Peace in Europe is possible only under the condition of critical weakening of Russia, which has become a common threat to all humanity. The economy of the Russian Federation is the driving force of its territorial expansion, which will certainly go beyond the borders of Ukraine if Putin gets the initiative on the front. In order for this not to happen, the introduction of the maximum possible sanctions against all, without exception, Russian corporations, which can even theoretically finance the war against Ukraine, should become an axiom for the West. The threat created by Putin is gaining unprecedented urgency: if it is not stopped, it can lead humanity to disaster.