Yurii Shulipa: Germany must stop supporting Moscow and redeem its historical guilt connected to Ukraine

On the 28th of July 2021, I had a conversation with the presenter of the leading Russian-speaking YouTube-channel Sobinews (Vasily Mikolenko). I made my verdict of the former German chancellor Angela Merkel – she is acting as an agent of Vladimir Putin.

It was exactly half a year ago. On the 25th of January 2022, colleagues from the telegram channel «GeneralSVR (reserv)» in fact confirmed my verdict: «Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an order to offer to the former federal German chancellor Angela Merkel to lead the Board of Directors of Zarubezhneft JSC. Also, the former head of the German naval forces of Germany, Vice-Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach, who resigned after the words that the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, «is gone and will never come back» was offered a place in the Board of Directors of PJSC “NK” Rosneft by the order of Vladimir Putin.

On The 28th of July 2021 I reported the information obtained from my sources in the close surroundings of Angela Merkel was that an agreement was achieved between her and Mr. Putin. According to that agreement, the lobbying of the construction of the North Stream-2, and lobbying of other Putin’s “wishes”, would bring her an honorary post in Gazprom with purely symbolic duties. I think that was the only discrepancy. One of the main Lobbyists of Gazprom and in particular the North Stream-2 in Germany and other European countries is the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

It looks like Putin probably decided that two former German chancellors would be feeling a bit “crowded” in one company. Therefore, he gave an order to offer the former Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to become Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zarubezhneft JSC.

It already some kind of “tradition” of the first persons of Austria, Germany and France, after the resignation, to get hired to the Putin gas and gas station as agents of influence. Such a unique anomaly is justified only with excessive greed, incompetence and short-sighted to Putin of Western politicians. By becoming lobbyists of Putin, they become lobbyists of criminal, subversive geopolitical interests of Putin against their own countries and fellow citizens.

In addition, the appointment of Angela Merkel to this position will allow Putin to significantly strengthen its agent positions in addition to gas, also in the oil sphere not only in Germany, but also in other European countries suspended on the “Russian oil hook”.

The appointment to Russian gas or oil companies of the former first persons of Austria, Germany and France is an act of legalizing their agents of influence in the areas of gas, oil, etc.

Angela Merkel and her government did a lot of useful things for Putin in gas and energy sector.

The highest political leadership of Russia puts the conditions for large Russian business: «Doing business in exchange for maintenance of geopolitical adventure.» Let’s look at the example of the Kremlin lobbyist geopolitical gas project North Stream-2.

What Russia is trying to achieve:

1) create an artificial gas monopoly on the gas market in Europe;

2) create a gas dependence on gas supplies from Russia in individual EU countries;

3) split the unity of the European Community on the «gas issue». Thus, be in a strong position to blackmail the dependent countries in the future and subordinate EU to the service of the criminal interests of Russian leadership.

After Gerhard Schröder Angela Merkel is the main lobbyist of the Kremlin to ensure the gas dependence of Europe from Russia. By lobbying in Europe Putin’s criminal interests in the Gas Sphere, Angela Merkel managed to subjugate the German gas and energy policy of Russia and split the West, but only partly.

The introduction of the Northern Flow-2 gas pipeline would ensure the unprecedented gas dependence of Germany and the EU countries from the supply of Russian gas, thereby providing Putin more opportunities for gas stalls and pressure on Europe and, in addition, would open it opportunities for the strengthening of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

For the sake of providing gas dependence of Germany and, at least neighbouring countries from Russia, in 2021 the Government of Merkel opened a single gas hub, which became the main transit point for Russian gas in Europe.

According to German energy doctrine by 2050 the entire German economy should switch to the use of hydrogen as an energy source. It did not stop Angela Merkel and her governments from suspending their country on Putin’s gas hook.

Instead of ensuring a steady transition of Germany’s energy from the consumption of Russian gas to the sources of renewable energy Merkel and her government significantly strengthened the gas dependence of Germany and the EU countries from Moscow, primarily for the sake of satisfying the criminal interests of the Moscow leadership.

Since according to PP. «B» and «E», paragraph 8 of the Doctrines of the energy security of the Russian Federation (approved, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 13th of May 2019 No. 216) «The slowdown in the growth of world demand for energy …, the development of energy saving and increasing energy efficiency, an increase in the share of renewable energy sources in the global fuel and energy balance, are the foreign economic challenges of Russia’s energy security».

Factually by dropping the development of environmentally friendly renewable energy, the development of energy saving and increasing the energy efficiency of Germany and other countries of the European Union, Merkel and her government postponed it for decades. 

For the sake of personal mercenary interests and satisfying the painful Putin’s “Wishlist” Merkel and her government contributed to an increase in harmful emissions into the air pollution of European countries.

In fact, Merkel and her government forced Europeans to breathe harmful exhausts from the burning of Russian gas. It contributed to the pollution of the environment not only in Germany, but also in other European countries.

The money of German citizens and the European Union countries entering the Russian budget for the purchase of Russian gas. Those substantial sums are spent by Putin on leading against the Western countries the Fourth World War in a non-military, hybrid way. Now Putin is preparing for a large-scale conventional war with Ukraine and Baltic countries. Also, European taxpayers support Putin’s giant violence machine. 

Thus, citizens of Germany not only pay for damage to their health by harmful emissions. They also involuntarily maintain the criminal, illegitimate, neo-fascist Putin’s regime. The regime that is oppressing citizens of Russia and foreigners, located in the zones of the Russian occupation in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia. They involuntarily sponsor the acts of international state terrorism committed by Putin with his subordinates: people’s murders in the territories of foreign countries. They contribute to the military threat to the entire European Community, created by the Kremlin along the external borders of the European Union.

Consider what a useful work was performed by Angela Merkel and her government for the Kremlin against the national and political security of Ukraine.

At the request of Putin, Angela Merkel put pressure on the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and forced him to include Putin’s agent into a trilateral contact group. Victor Medvedchuk was recruited at his student times by the 5th administration of the KGB of the USSR. He was operating under the name “Sokolovsky”.

Similarly, Merkel produced the appointment of another agent of Russian intelligence services — Ex-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and now the Deputy National Security Council of Ukraine, Ruslan Demchenko. First, as an adviser to Poroshenko on a public basis, and then in the trilateral contact group at the negotiations with Moscow.

As a statist and at the same time a lobbyist of such surrenders for Ukraine, the requirements born in the depths of the Security Council of Russia as «Steinmeier formula», Norman, cluster and other «agreements», Angela Merkel took an active part in the activities of the Norman format.

In my work, «The Future of Donbass by «Steinmeier formula» I published conclusions about the essence of the Norman format: «… Norman format is an element of the external management of Ukraine — the country-victim of Russian aggression and Russian occupation. Russia is the aggressor and occupant.»

The work was signed in print on the 13th of January 2020. Two years have not passed since when on the 5th of December 2021, the head of the Moscow Foreign Ministry (Russian Ribbentrop) Sergey Lavrov concluded that the «Norman format» was created to force Ukraine to carry out Minsk agreements.

By imposing upon Ukraine the adoption of capitulation, criminal and obviously unacceptable conditions for it, the conditions of Putin (aggressor and occupant) the President of France and the German Chancellor violate the provision of Article 103 of the UN Charter, stacking: «In the event of a conflict between the obligations of the Members of the United Nations under the present Charter and their obligations under any other international agreement, their obligations under the present Charter shall prevail».

Because at the same time they act on the side of the aggressor and the occupant country against Ukraine.

On the 20th of August 2021, Merkel made her last official visit to Moscow, during which she received the next task from her senior curator Vladimir Putin — to force the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to put pressure on the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council of Ukraine) to incorporate «Steinmeier formula».

To legislatively appoint elections on temporarily occupied territories and declare the amnesty to Ukrainian collaborators and Russian war criminals, impossible to implement according to the international law. 

In other words, they suggested to launch the process of political surrender of Ukraine in front of the Kremlin according to the formula «on behalf of Ukraine against Ukraine».

On the 22nd of August 2021, the day before the opening of the «Crimean Platform», Angela Merkel brought from the Kremlin to Vladimir Zelensky the above capitulation conditions. Zelensky rejected them politely. After having failed, Frau Merkel flew to Berlin with nothing. She even refused to take part in the «Crimean Platform», in order not to fury her “führer” Putin. 

The new German government continues the old policy towards Ukraine.

In the early January 2022, representatives of France and Germany, in the status of advisers to the leaders of the Normandy format, visited Moscow and Kiev and during their visit to Ukraine conveyed the Kremlin’s demand to Office of the Ukrainian President on Bankova Street office: to withdraw the bill «On the foundations of the state policy of the transitional period (on transitional justice)» in exchange for a meeting in the Normandy format.

On the 24 of January, the Cabinet of Ministers, represented by the Ministry of Affairs of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, withdrew this bill in the criminal interests of the aggressor and occupier country. Now the official Berlin is refusing to supply arms to Ukraine. 

It is worth reminding the German society of how many Ukrainians died in World War II. The terrifying was unleashed through the fault of the Stalin’s USSR and Nazi Germany. Only the irretrievable human losses of Ukraine in this war amount to more than 10 million people.

Under the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was named the main culprit of the First World War. It is not possible to establish the exact number of Ukrainians who died in this war, but we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dead and more than 1 million injured, maimed, and shell-shocked.

The new government of Germany should decisively put an end to this shameful foreign policy of their country: to serve to the detriment of their country and the entire European community of Putin’s criminal desires.

It is necessary to launch a large-scale investigation into the subversive activities of Merkel and her government against the national interests of Germany in the criminal interests of the aggressor country Russia. 

The highest level of the fourth world hybrid war of Putin against the West is the information-psychological or cognitive war (Cognitive Warfare) as its integral basic element. From the 17th of December 2021, after the placement on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry of ultimatum draft treaties addressed to the United States and its NATO allies on «security guarantees» and «non-expansion of NATO», Moscow has begun unprecedented in history phase of information-psychological and military-political blackmail of the collective West. History has not known anything like this yet.

It is important to understand that the stronger Ukraine becomes militarily, the more its defence capacity increases, and its military security strengthens, the less likely it is that its free territories will be attacked by its existential enemy: Moscow. And therefore, the level of European security is also rising. Now, indeed, Ukraine alone is defending the eastern borders of Europe from the all-European existential aggressor and enemy. And right now, Ukraine needs the solidary and collective support of the entire civilized world.

In the context of Russian aggression against Western civilization, of which Ukraine is an integral part, the German government’s refusal to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons is an act of betrayal of Ukraine, and a confirmation that Germany has de facto taken the side of a pan-European existential enemy. This is also a violation by the German government of the Final Act of the CSCE of August 1, 1975, in terms of non-recognition of the principle of the indivisibility of security in Europe.

The German government continues to undermine not only energy, but also military security in Europe, and European unity in general, only in the criminal interests of the aggressor and occupier Russia. 85 years ago, at the end of August 1939, when Stalin and Hitler under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, divided Europe into spheres of occupation among themselves, they did not think that the war they had created would come to their own countries.

At the beginning of 2022, this tragic story is de facto repeating itself again, but so far only in milder forms.

Yurii SHULIPA, director of the International Association «Institute of National Politics», lawyer, political expert

Translated by Vera HORTON