Will Russia Be Able to Preserve Its Sovereignty?

“The final result of the special military operation in Ukraine will be achieved in any case, and it will lead to the strengthening of Russia’s sovereignty,” Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to declare illusoryly. At least, he tried to sent such messages during a meeting with the leaders of the factions of the State Duma.

Many Western experts have already noticed that the current rhetoric of the Russian imperialist president is different from what it was before the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. So, if earlier the Russian president acted firmly, he really was the head of a kind of Empire, now you won’t look at this “vestige of the past” without sympathy. Putin confuses words and stumbles in speech, sits on a chair like a lifeless doll.

“Some colleagues noted that our special military operation leads to the strengthening of our sovereignty. This is true, but the beginning of the operation was not connected with this goal. This is an inevitable but side effect,” the Russian President said at the meeting.

It is a pity that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin never explained to his colleagues and to his population, how a war between Russia and a neighboring state, which only depletes this sovereignty, can lead to strengthening the sovereignty of the Russian state? And if the strengthening of Russian sovereignty is only a side effect of the goals that Russia pursues in the war, then what are the main goals?

According to Putin: “The main goal of the special operation is “to protect the Donbas and strengthen the security of Russia itself”, which means that these abstract goals have changed again, and no longer have anything in common with those declared in late February — early March 2022. Recall that then, in his speech announcing the start of a special military operation in Ukraine (that is, a war), Putin has announced only the denazification of the Ukrainian region of Donbas, as well as the forcible separation of this Ukrainian region from Ukraine, as well as the decommunization of the Ukrainian state as a whole. Now, according to the official version of the Russian media, Putin has decided to conduct a military special operation to protect the Donbas in response to a request for help from the heads of the LPR and DPR quasi-states. And this version immediately does not withstand any criticism, since it cannot explain the need for Russia to send its troops to the north, north-east and south of Ukraine (where the Russian army suffered a crushing defeat). After all, if Russia needed to “protect” only the eastern region of Ukraine (where the LPR and DPR are located), then how can Putin now explain the need to risk the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, spend thousands of lives of Russian soldiers, billions of rubles of Russian taxpayers in the northern, north-east and south — where, firstly, nothing was achieved, and secondly, as it turned out, there was no military task to capture these regions?

And what’s the point of meeting with the political and military leadership of the country and re-discussing the goals of their special military operation? Have the political and military elites forgotten them, or even worse, did they not know them? The answer is obvious, of course they knew them. By this meeting, Putin simply tried to once again remind himself and his influence on this political and military beau monde, and most importantly, to once again consolidate his “imperial” position in the Russian Federation. Putin’s rhetoric (and with it the goals) has changed because now failed ambitions are being adopted to reality in order to successfully present it to their population, as if everything was originally planned that way.

So it turns out that all this “forced nature” and “measures to prevent a catastrophe” are nothing more than a myth invented by the quasi emperor and his henchmen, which will very soon hit the sovereignty of the country and its security. After all, soon people will wake up and understand that in all regions of Russia, conquered and subordinated to themselves through a coup over the past thirty years, there has been no development, the Russian Federation has not invested a single ruble in these depressed, gloomy regions — Chechnya, Abkhazia, Osetia, as well as for 8 years there have been no reforms and development in the Russian-controlled Donbas.

A split between the President of Russia and the General Staff of the Russian Federation, a political coup in Russia and the overthrow of Putin, the complete loss of Russia’s sovereignty is on the horizon.