Visiting US State Department official in Cyprus with additional sanctions evidence

US State Department deputy assistant secretary for the division for counter threat finance and sanctions Erik Woodhouse has come to Cyprus full-handed, Philenews reported.

In fact, he has brought additional evidence concerning Russians whose names were on the sanctions lists.

Woodhouse who arrived here on Wednesday on a two-day official visit had a long meeting with Deputy Minister to the President Irene Pikis and Marilena Raouna, director of the Diplomatic office of the President of the Republic at the Presidential Palace on Thursday.

Insiders said he has sent the message that sanctions which include Cypriot nationals as well by the United States are directed against Russia and not against the Republic whose reputation is at stake. The actions taken by the US are the way for Cyprus to continue to attract foreign investments, Woodhouse reportedly also said.

The visiting US official was briefed on the actions taken by the government of Cyprus, under the instructions of President Nikos Christodoulides, regarding the implementation of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“The two Cypriot officials, briefed over the government plans in connection with the matter, given the government’s determination to proceed with the full implementation of sanctions imposed both on legal as well natural persons,” a press release by the Presidency said.

Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis has said that this visit “is part of the broader framework of more effective implementation of sanctions’ enforcement”.

And that it is well known the government of the Republic of Cyprus has prioritized very high this faithful implementation of the enforcement of sanctions.