Upcoming NATO Summit: What to Expect? Western StrategicLeadership and Support for Ukraine

The United States will host the anniversary NATO Summit inWashington D.C. on 9-10-11 July, 2024, which brings togetherleaders of 32 countries to determine the future of Western globalleadership. In the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war, thisSummit is of particular importance not only for Ukraine, NATO members, but also for other countries facing the threat of Russianaggression.

Ukraine expects two key decisions at the Summit — the transfer ofnew air defense systems and NATO membership roadmap. The US Permanent Representative to NATO, Julianne Smith, previously said that NATO planned to offer Ukraine a package ofsecurity measures that would serve as a “bridgeto membership. It is predicted that at the Summit in Washington, Ukraine will beofferedconcrete waysto accelerate its future membership in the Alliance. This was announced by Deputy Assistant Secretary ofState for European and Eurasian Affairs, Douglas D. Jones. According to him, the final declaration will confirm that Ukrainewill become a NATO member, although the text of the documentis still not agreed. In addition, US Secretary of Defense LloydAustin announced a new $2.3 billion military aid package forUkraine. Sources in the US State Department confirmed goodnews on strengthening Ukrainian air defense at the Summit. Itshould be stressed that the decision to refrain from militaryassistance to Ukraine may not only to undermine solidarity withinthe Alliance, but also to show the Kremlin NATO’s weakness, which could provoke further aggression and intensify conflicts inthe region.

Strengthening military cooperation with Ukraine, providingsignificant military assistance and ensuring compliance with the obligations in Eastern Europe will not only strengthen NATO’sposition, but also highlight its role in supporting internationalstability and the defense of democratic values.

Let us recall that in February 2022, Russian President VladimirPutin started an unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine, thereby beginning the bloodiest aggression in Europe since WorldWar II. The Kremlin has undermined stability on the continent andcaused a new world disorder. This war is getting brutal every day. Russian missiles continuously attack Ukrainian civilians, cities, and critical infrastructure. Putin’s goal is to restore the RussianEmpire and change the world order. Countries in Western andEastern Europe risk to be the next targets of Russian aggression. In addition, the Kremlin is waging a coordinated hostile actionsagainst NATO countries, including sabotage, cyber attacks and the spread of disinformation. Moscow also continues to threaten withnuclear weapons, which would affected the entire world. No oneknows when the barbaric appetites of the Russian aggressor willstop. Only joint efforts of the international community can pacifyhim.

The main NATO goal is not to wage war, but to prevent it, and the Alliance has successfully fulfilled this task for three quarters of a century! The NATO Summit in Washington will be an importantstage in determining the future of security in Europe andthroughout the world. Supporting Ukraine in its struggle forsovereignty and territorial integrity is a signal of the West’s determination to confront modern challenges and supportinternational stability. It would confirm the West’s readiness to actdecisively in defending its values and ensuring the security of the global community.