The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Is Completely De-energized as a Result of the Russian Missile Attack

As a result of the Russian missile attacks on March, 9, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is completely de-energized. The last overhead transmission line connecting the Zaporizhzhia NPP and the Ukrainian energy system was disconnected. The facility has switched to blackout mode.The largest nuclear power plant in Europe has experienced six complete blackouts since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, —inform AVA. 

Russia is once again provoking a large-scale nuclear
disaster, the consequences of which will threaten the health and lives of more than a billion people: units 5 and 6 are being put into cold shutdown, and 18 diesel generators have started operating to supply the plant’s in-house loads. There is 10 days’ fuel stock left for their operation. If the off-site power supply to the plant cannot be connected to the energy system of Ukraine within that time frame, an accident may occur, having severe radiation consequences for Europe.

Russia’s actions are not a bluff, but a direct threat to Europe. Russia has realized that it is losing: Western weapons help to defeat its army. Putin is holding occupied territories in eastern Ukraine with the help of covert mobilization and the transfer of huge human resources to the war zone. However, even against the background of the current failure, he is not ready to retreat.

Russia meanly, criminally bombards Ukraine with missiles, which has no strategic or tactical significance, defiantly de-energizes the ZNPP, threatening to provoke a man-made disaster with subsequent radiation pollution. This is an unprecedented terror directed not only against Ukraine, but also against Europe.

Putin can provoke a man-made disaster at the ZNPP, which will be several times larger than the Chernobyl disaster. The Russians want to take over the power plant, but they don’t have the real technical ability to operate it safely without being connected to the Ukrainian power grid. This is the whole essence of the notorious Russian world: terror, genocide, theft, total crimes with the denial of one’s guilt.

Russia is a terrorist state that should be in complete international isolation. Russia’s actions have an unprecedented range of risks and threats that have never been seen in Europe. Putin not only unleashed the largest war since 1945 near the borders of the EU and NATO, accompanied by genocide, mass destruction and forced deportation the capture of Ukrainians by Russia, but also creates a risk the largest nuclear disaster that threatens the very existence of Europe.

Russia is a terrorist state provoking a nuclear catastrophe, its troops must be withdrawn from the ZNPP, a security zone must be created around the plant.