The way to stop the Russian war

The article by Mr. Ruslan Nimchynskyi, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Cyprus  

Ukraine, Europe, and the whole world need just peace. If Ukraine and the civilized world do not stop the Russian aggression on Ukrainian territory, Moscow’s army will roll into Western EU countries.

Aggression against Ukraine is not an exception to the rules but one of the manifestations of Russia’s broad attack on the democratic world.

Today, Ukraine and the countries of the European continent are in the same boat. Everyone who does not understand this is making a grave mistake.

Putin will not be satisfied only with Ukraine in the event of success.

Only through joint efforts can the world stop Russia’s aggression. On June 15-16 in Switzerland (Bürgenstock), Ukraine and more than 100 countries will hold a high-level Global Peace Summit to discuss a peaceful resolution aimed at stopping the Russian war against Ukraine.

The Summit will bring together leaders from all continents who respect international law and the principles of the UN Charter.

The Peace Formula of President Zelenskyy remains the only realistic and comprehensive plan to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and to guarantee security and justice for the entire international community.

The 10 points of the Peace Formula are based on international law and the principles of the UN Charter. Each of them in one way or another reflects the resolutions of the UN GA that have already been voted on, including the UN GA Resolution «Principles of the UN Charter underlying a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine,» adopted on February 23, 2023, by 141 votes.

The Peace Formula is universal in nature and can create a basis not only to end Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine but also to end other armed conflicts.

The upcoming Summit in Switzerland is an important step in bringing together a wide range of countries to discuss the path to peace in Ukraine and a roadmap for Russia’s eventual participation in the peace process.

Russia seeks to disrupt the Global Peace Summit. Moscow tries to strengthen political, diplomatic, and information pressure on Ukraine and its international partners who stand with the Ukrainian people on the way to peace. The Kremlin seeks to discredit the Peace Summit and uses different types of counteractions, including provocations in the information space.

To disrupt the summit, the Russians even threaten African countries with starvation. Representatives of Russia travel the world, threatening countries with a blockade of food, agricultural, and chemical products.

Everyone should ask themselves why so-called peaceful Russia wants to stop the Summit.

The Russian authorities declare that they want peace, but why do they not stop the aggression? Why is the Russian army continuing to kill women, men, and children, erasing Ukrainian cities and towns? Because Russia is an empire with a predator’s existence. The Russian state institutions were built on parasitizing other nations and their resources.

Moscow sees expansion over other nations as its existence. In the 90s, after the Soviet Union collapsed, the democratic world gave Moscow a chance to integrate into the civilized world. But Russia lost its historical chance when Putin headed the Russian state. In fact, the Kremlin returned to empire and communist traditions and established a police state.

The nature of Putin’s totalitarian empire for its existence is external expansion and conquering.

Putin’s totalitarian regime is built on the ideology of expansion and subjugation of other nations. Today, Russia, like Nazi Germany in the 20th century, has the ideology of aggressive foreign policy to widen its living space. This totalitarian state justifies the mass killing of Ukrainians for the security of the Russian state.

Russia’s actions in Europe and Africa are a neo-imperialist campaign aimed at destabilizing the continents and securing long-term influence through military and economic ties.

The civilized world should respond to this aggression with even stronger measures, including increased support for Ukraine and a clear stance against Russia’s use of force. If Ukraine and the civilized world do not stop the Russian aggression on Ukrainian territory, Moscow’s army could potentially roll into Western EU countries, posing a significant threat to regional security and stability.

The Global Peace Summit, which will be held this week in Switzerland, has a significant role in establishing not only peace in Ukraine but also in preventing the possibility of a flaming war in Europe.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy hasbeen conducting active diplomacy in all corners and regions to rally the world behind the principles of the UN Charter and the principle of territorial integrity of states.

Together with our partners, we will create a precedent when the Peace Summit will be convened not on the terms of the aggressor country or on the terms of the mediating country, but on the terms of the UN Charter.

The ultimate path to peace in Ukraine lies in upholding the Charter of the United Nations and international law as guides to a world free of war. And this is exactly what the Global Peace Summit is about to accomplish.