The Save Ukraine charity event on Sunday 27 March

The Save Ukraine charity event, aimed at reaching out to millions of people around the world to help Ukrainians live through the war and win it, concluded on Sunday 27 March.

The main purpose of such event was to raise global awareness of the true situation in Ukraine and raising money for the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A lot of the world’s famous musicians, artists, activists, athletes and influencers took part in the marathon. Also, apart from the artists, a number of world’s politicians have taken the floor and expressed their respect and support to the Ukrainian nation.

Throughout the event which lasted more than two hours, funds were raised for helping Ukraine in many ways, including humanitarian assistance, but also to the defence expenditures to help repel the Russian offensive.

The event was broadcast in English by Poland’s public broadcaster TVP to over 20 countries in the world. In Cyprus the marathon was shown in life on local channel PIK2 (Cyprus Broadcast Corporation).

In addition, on the same day, the Ukrainian community and friends of Ukraine gathered in the largest cities of Cyprus to express their support and pray for our invincible state and its indomitable people.