The Russian Threat Is Getting Closer: Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States… This Is Already a Reality

The Kremlin bombs Ukraine every day, this is already a reality. Today, Russian Aerospace Forces once again massively attacked fuel and energy facilities in the regions of Ukraine with various types of weapons. The Kremlin launched more than 40 missiles and about 40 attack drones into peaceful Ukraine. Some of them were shot down, but, unfortunately, some were not. Russian terrorists again targeted critical infrastructure facilities. The Kremlin carried out another missile attack on Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region, where more than 10 explosions were heard. The facilities in Kyiv, Zaporozhia, Odesa and Lviv regions have also become its target. Again, civilians, children are dying. It caused a lot of destruction and a large number of people.

The artificial depopulation of Ukraine is one of Putin’s plans. That’s why he destroys Ukrainian cities by missiles and bombs. The Russians attacks densely populated areas, thermal power plants, roads, factories, transportation. They are doing everything to make Ukrainian cities, villages, towns uninhabitable. By intensifying attacks on Ukraine, Russian troops are seeking to create a humanitarian catastrophe for further evacuation of the population. According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II, such Russia’s actions are genocide.

Let us recall that the 1948 Convention is the first human rights treaty adopted by the UN General Assembly. The Convention was signed after World War II and the Holocaust, as a response to Nazi Germany, which exterminated more than six million Jews.

The Genocide Convention reaffirms the international community’s commitment not to repeat the genocidal atrocities of World War II. However, in the post-war period, new massacre were recorded, including in Rwanda in 1994 and in Srebrenica in 1995. And now, the whole world is watching the Kremlin’s genocidal war against Ukraine, war crimes, and a systemic violation of international humanitarian law. The Russians are invaders, colonizers and murderers on Ukrainian soil. Western politicians, experts, and public opinion leaders are becoming aware of this.

Against the background of Russia’s aggressive policies, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, speaking in the Bundestag, has called for additional budgetary funds to be allocated for security policy, including support for Ukraine. The head of the German Foreign Ministry said that “if Putin’s military campaign is not stopped in Ukraine, then it will be on the doorstep of Poland and the Baltic countries… European security is our security.” Tonight, the Polish Air Force took its fighters into the air (not for the first time) in response to the Kremlin’s missile attacks on Ukraine. Russian missiles are flying too close to the Polish borders.

“The Western armies have about 100 Patriot batteries… And yet we are unable to provide it to Ukraine?” EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell asked during a speech at the European Nueva Economia Forum. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the future restoration of Ukraine, but to prevent its destruction, he added.

Western representatives of culture do not stand aside, either. More than 35 activists (scientists, actors, and artists, etc.) called on the US Congress to help Ukraine.“ If Russia breaks through, this will be our fault. And then we will understand what we have lost. Everything that Ukraine is doing for us can be reversed. If Ukraine is defeated, we will find ourselves in a far more dangerous world. It will be a world where we can expect war in Europe and war in Asia. A world in which Russia can cut off the food to the Near East and Africa that Ukraine now supplies. A world without rules and a world full of nuclear weapons.” The appeal  was signed by an actress Barbra Streisand, historian Timothy Snyder, political scientist Francis Fukuyama, actor Sean Penn and others.

It is obvious that the Kremlin is now using maximum resources at destroying Ukrainians, intimidating them, and causing maximum damage to critical infrastructure. There is no doubt that the systematic supply of a sufficient number of air/missile defense systems and ammunition for them is necessary to save thousands of lives. Putin will not stop at Ukraine. Therefore, awareness of the possible catastrophic consequences for Europe and the necessary military assistance for the Ukrainian Armed Forces will help prevent the tragic scenario written by the Kremlin.