The Russian Military Threat Outside Ukraine Is “No Longer a Fantasy”

New day and another attack of Russian missiles, guided aerial bombs (KAB) and drones on peaceful Ukrainian territories. Now the whole world hears about the cities as Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa. Putin is trying to wipe out Ukrainian territories from the face of the earth, kill civilians, and bring pain and suffering.

The President of Russia and representatives of the Russian government have repeatedly stated and state that Ukrainians are an “artificially created” nation, and those who do not think so “must be destroyed.” They believe that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people should not exist in the future. The Kremlin’s journalists, public figures and propagandists are calling for the drowning of Ukrainian children, the burning of Ukrainians in their houses, and the rape of Ukrainian women of all ages. Russian officials on state TV say that Ukrainians need to be assimilated or turned into Russians, and those who are against it must be destroyed. That’s why it is necessary to kill millions of civilians and throw bombs at Ukrainian cities. Everybody in the world see how Russia and Putin steadly follows the path towards fascism…

Massive Kremlin’s strikes against Ukraine have increased significantly since March. Russia is changing and improving its tactics; now the main targets are Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities. As a result of the latest Russian attacks, the Ukrainian energy system suffered losses of at least 100 million euros. As of March, the total amount of damage is more than 11 billion euros. Russia is seeking not only to cut off electricity, but also to destroy thermal power generation facilities in order to complicate the next heating season for Ukraine. Today, 50 % of power generation capacity and 20 % of distribution capacity have been lost, at least temporarily, in the Ukrainian energy sector. Some objects (power plants, transformers) are possible to repair in six months, others — in several years. In any case, the population and economy will face a critical energy shortage in the next 2024-2025 autumn-winter period, which, in turn, could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe on the eve of winter.

According to the UN, in two years of Russian invasion, 14.6 million people in Ukraine need humanitarian help, which is 40 % of the population! Among them, 45 % are women, 23 % are children, 15 % are persons with disabilities. The Kremlin’s criminal actions lead to humanitarian crises! It is appropriate to recall the destruction by the Russians of the Kakhovka HPP, which caused problems with water access and sanitation for about 11 million Ukrainians. Is it normal in the 21st century?

Putin wants to provoke an energy collapse and a subsequent humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, which will result in the largest wave of refugees since the end of World War II. They will go abroad, primarily to the countries of the European Union. The number of refugees can range from 5 to 10 million people. But are all EU members able to “digest” such a huge number of “new migrants”?

Ukraine is just a sub goal for the Kremlin. The West is beginning to understand this too. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borell, is confident that Europe needs to prepare for a potential war. He believes that it is “no longer a fantasy ” a full-scale conflict on the continent outside of Ukraine. The EU’s chief diplomat noted that “the Russian Federation threatens Europe”.

The Kremlin seeks to inflict a civilizational defeat on the united West. Putin sees Europe defeated, humiliated and a conquered by Russia. Therefore, an immediate reconsideration of the Russian threat and an increase in assistance to Ukraine (military, humanitarian, financial) are the key to the survival of the EU and NATO and the well-being of everyone in the world