The recognition of Putin as a dictator by the PACE should strengthen Western support for Ukraine

On October 13, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution recognizing Putin as a dictator and, accordingly, Russia as a dictatorship, with the document garnering 43 votes. Additionally, the PACE called on all countries of the world to execute the arrest warrant for Putin, which was issued by the ICC in The Hague, and supported the establishment of an international criminal tribunal to hold Russian war criminals accountable, the foremost of whom is Putin.

Following the onset of full-scale invasion in Ukraine, the Russian army is committing crimes against humanity: destroying populated areas, killing and torturing civilians, raping women, forcibly deporting people, and so forth. The Russian Air Force systematically strikes with missiles and drones on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, including residential buildings. Putin is systematically blackmailing the world with nuclear weapons, and the shelling of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant has put Europe on the brink of a radiation catastrophe more than once. Consequently, calls for negotiations with the Kremlin, periodically voiced by his proxies such as Lukashenko or Orban, as well as European politicians, are counterproductive. Peace with Russia will create the conditions for an even larger war. Putin, consumed by hatred, who suffered a complete fiasco trying to occupy Ukraine, will begin preparing for aggression against Europe. Russia has lost a significant amount of military hardware but still has the capacity to produce weapons, just as it has mobilization resources. Putin will make every effort to accumulate the necessary reserves and start an even more extensive war, which in his perception will strengthen Russian dictatorship. After all, Russia is a state terrorist, led by the greatest contemporary military criminal, who understands no form of governance other than dictatorship.

Accordingly, there are no negotiations with terrorists: they are eliminated. In this sense, the supply of necessary weapons to Ukraine is of utmost importance. Weapons are the only way to prevent the territorial expansion of the RF, which will ultimately also affect Europe. The decision of the PACE is evidence of support for Ukrainian initiatives from the West. Western aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has played a key role in destroying the combat capability of the Russian occupation army. Currently, the world is approaching a point of bifurcation: peace and security in Europe depend on the definitive defeat of Russia. Russian terrorism must be destroyed through the joint efforts of the civilized world; otherwise, it will lead humanity to catastrophe.