The Peaceful Future of Europe Is Being Decided on the Battlefield in Ukraine

The West intends to continue supporting Ukraine in the future. As for signs of war fatigue (that is what Russia constantly talks about), this applies only to those countries whose governments have a pro-Russian position. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg sees “unshakable commitment” of allies to continue helping Ukraine. We are talking about an unprecedented military assistance.

One of Russia’s main goals is to convince Europe to refuse to provide Ukraine with new types of weapons. In addition, Putin is seeking to turn the war in Ukraine into a frozen conflict: Russia will launch even more brutal escalation with renewed vigor, the losses caused by Russian aggression will reach a new maximum.

Despite significant military support from its allies, Ukraine has not yet managed to significantly move the front line, Stoltenberg noted. This is another reminder that the West should not underestimate Russia. The Russian military-industrial complex is operating at its peak capabilities, and for a successful fight, Ukraine needs more weapons. After all, preventing the war from reaching a protracted stage is in the interests of Europe and NATO. The faster Ukrainian troops defeat the Russian occupiers on the battlefield, the less money will have to be spent on defense, and vice versa. If Ukraine loses, NATO will be forced to face Russian aggression directly, which means it will suffer considerable losses.

Preventing Russian aggression is essential for Europe. Those countries that are aware of the danger of Russian aggression continue to actively help Ukraine in its fight against Russian oppressors. Those European politicians who still strive for friendly relations with Russia and oppose assistance to Ukraine, condemns Europe to death by hastening a Russian invasion.