The Peace Summit in Switzerland Will Give Impetus to the Negotiations on the End of the Russian-Ukrainian War

In two weeks, the Global Peace Summit will take place in Switzerland (Bürgenstock resort). Its main aim is to agree on an international strategy for ending the war in Ukraine, as well as a road map for Russia’s participation in the further peace process. Today, more than 90 countries have already confirmed their participation.

One of the most important initial priorities of the forum will be the discussion of nuclear and food security, the exchange of prisoners of war, as well as the return of Ukrainian citizens kidnapped by Russia, including women and children. The issue of restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine on the basis of the UN Charter will also be included. In fact, most world countries should recognize these initiatives as a basis for the end of the war.

Only China, as a heavyweight country, has confirmed its decision not to participate in the Peace Summit due to the absence of Russia at the conference. The Russian Federation was not invited to the Summit, as Moscow is currently not interested in ending the war. President Putin, despite his constant talks about peace, intends to continue the seizure of Ukrainian territories. Russian troops are constantly shelling Ukrainian cities and destroying Ukrainian critical infrastructure. According to the Russian President, the escalation of the war is the best way to ensure peace on Russian terms.

However, it is possible that if the Russian Federation chooses more constructive actions, it may be invited to the next such summits.

It is indicative that the Russians have spent and continue to spend a lot of resources on discrediting the Ukrainian position on the restoration of peace. Russia launched an information campaign to disrupt the Summit in Switzerland. A very serious blow to Moscow’s image is the participation of those countries that cooperate with the CSTO or countries that maintain relatively friendly relations with the Russian Federation. Therefore, it will continue to do everything to change the situation to its advantage and discourage participation of countries in the West.

In their propaganda, the Russians argue that the countries of the Global South fully support the Russian Federation and minimize their participation in the Summit, which is a lie. After all, the leaders of countries from all continents will participate in the international event in Switzerland.

Nevertheless, despite Russia’s efforts to discredit Ukraine and its peace initiatives, the Summit in Switzerland will definitely take place. After all, such a significant event is an opportunity for every country to contribute to a just resolution of the war. It is an attempt to discuss peace initiatives at the global diplomacy level. According to its results, it will no longer be Ukrainian, but a consolidated position of most countries, which in the future can affect the accelerated restoration of peace in the world.