The Future of Global Security Will Depend on the Outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian War

The full-scale invasion of Russia in February 2022 became a crucial point of global security — all previously applied containment mechanism and the lack of a tough response led to the spread of Russian aggression. As a result, the world once again faced a violent warfare within Europe.

The unity of the world community from the first days of the invasion helped Ukraine to survive. Western weapon helps Ukraine to defeat the aggressor’s forces and drive them out of the occupied territories. However, the weapons that Ukraine has are not enough for the victory over Russia; larger-scale and systematic supplies are needed, which Russia is trying in every possible way to prevent. After all, even after two years of full-scale war, Russia has not abandoned its aggressive intentions.
Representatives of 83 states and 3 international organizations visited the Boryspil Airport on December 2. They met with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustam Umerov there. The main topic of the meeting was the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula. The only way to ensure peace is to defeat Russia on the battlefield, the Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said.
Expanding military assistance to Ukraine will allow it to more effectively defeat Russia on the battlefield and achieve victory in a shorter time, since at the moment, Ukrainian troops still do not have an advantage over the Russian occupiers. Ukraine’s victory over Russia will reduce spending on European defense, avoid local conflicts in the world, and destabilization within Europe, because Russia will be weakened. It is obvious that achieving such a result as quickly as possible is in the interests of the world community, in particular, the countries of Eastern Europe.
Otherwise, if the war in Ukraine becomes protracted, the European economy will suffer even greater losses, and global security will be in question. The support of Ukraine and the consolidation of the efforts of the world community to defeat Russia will ensure sustainable peace and avoid the expansion of Russian aggression in the future.