The Effective Use of Western Weapons Became the Key to a Successful Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

On August 28, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine officially announced the liberation of the village of Robotyne in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar announced. According to her, after the liberation of the settlement, the Armed Forces continue to advance in the south-eastern direction. The liberation of Robotyne means the entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the second line of defense created by the occupying Russian army — this is a total success and evidence of the effective use of Western weapons. In addition, on August 17, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the village of Urozhayne in the Donetsk Oblast, which makes it possible to form a powerful bridgehead for further advancement in the direction of the Sea of Azov.

The Armed Forces demonstrate an excellent use of the full range of Western military assistance: from computer technology that allows tracking the smallest changes on the battlefield to heavy equipment and artillery. In particular, reconnaissance drones allow for round-the-clock video surveillance of Russian positions, and to adjust fire from artillery and MLRS. The Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully use the tactics of small mobile groups that reveal Russian firing positions — after that they are destroyed either by the forces of the advancing Ukrainian military or with the help of artillery. This tactic contributes to the weakening and breakage of the Russian defense line in several areas at once and allows to significantly reduce the losses among the troops who are liberating the Ukrainian territory occupied by the enemy.

At the same time, the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine announced by the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway will strengthen the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces. It is known that Ukrainian pilots will undergo training in Romania, Denmark and the USA. The characteristics of the F-16 make it possible to deliver powerful strikes deep into Russian defenses, destroying fortifications and air defense systems. During a year and a half of full-scale war, the West has provided support for the Armed Forces, because there is no alternative to Ukraine’s victory over Russia. Putin started a war of aggression, which, in his view, was supposed to end with the fall of European capitals: the Armed Forces of Ukraine will make Russia to suffer a crushing defeat that will stop its territorial expansion.