The Attack on the Children’s Hospital in Kyiv

The article by Mr. Ruslan Nimchynskyi, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Cyprus  

On Monday, July 8, 2024, a Russian missile strike inflicted substantial damage on the OkhmatdytChildren’s Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.

This attack, part of a broader series of Russian missile strikes across various Ukrainian cities on that day, resulted in at least 37 fatalities and left 190 individuals injured and in need of medical assistance.

In Kyiv, 64 people have been hospitalized, while Kryvyi Rih and Dnipro have 28 and 6 hospitalizations, respectively.

The children’s hospital, which performs approximately 7,000 surgeries annually and treats conditions such as cancer and hematological diseases, sustained extensive damage, particularly to its intensive care units, oncology departments, and surgery units. A direct hit by a Russian hypersonic missile caused the roof of the two-story toxicology department, where children receive dialysis, to collapse.

Tragically, at least two hospital staff members, including a doctor, lost their lives, and 16 individuals, including seven children, were wounded. Rescue efforts were hindered by the presence of children trapped under the debris.

Over 600 patients were evacuated, with more than 100 transferred to other medical facilities for continued care.

The survivors of this devastating attack will require extensive physical and psychological support in the coming days and weeks.

The Ukrainian government, with assistance from the international community, is committed to ensuring that the victims and their families receive the necessary care and resources for recovery.

This assault on a children’s hospital represents another grave violation of international humanitarian law and a deliberate attack on civilians, particularly vulnerable children.

Russia cannot claim ignorance of the targets of its missiles and must be held fully accountable for these actions, which constitute crimes against humanity.

Ukraine possesses irrefutable evidence of the intentional damage inflicted on a non-military facility by a Russian strategic Kh-101 cruise missile. The Kremlin’s attempts to deny responsibility are miserable.

When a permanent member of the UN Security Council deliberately targets a children’s hospital, it signifies a profound crisis in the system of international relations.

The scale and brutality of these acts constitute clear violations of international humanitarian law.

The Ukrainian government continues to enhance the protection of its cities and communities against such acts of terror. Ukraine expresses profound gratitude to all leaders who stand in solidarity with Ukraine during these tragic times and are preparing new joint measures to protect lives from further aggression.

It is crucial that the international community does not remain silent and that the world recognizes the reality of Russia’s actions. The terrorist acts perpetrated by Russia against the Ukrainian people starkly contradict any claims of a desire for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Repeated attempts to engage in peace discussions are met with further strikes on homes and hospitals by Russia. Only through united efforts and resolute support can Ukraine and the civilized world halt the actions of the Russian state led by Putin. This requires unwavering determination and truly collective action.