The allies of the United States have confirmed their commitment to further support Ukraine

Joe Biden held online talks with several US allies regarding support for Ukraine, as stated in a White House announcement. Once again, solidarity with Ukraine in defending its freedom and independence was demonstrated. Accordingly, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will continue to receive the necessary weaponry. In particular, Washington is prepared to send a shipment of ATACMS missiles to the Ukrainian army. All that is required for this is the approval of the President of the United States.

According to a representative from the British Ministry of Defense, James Hippie, weapons deliveries to Ukraine are of utmost importance to the West: there are no signs that Putin will cease the full-scale war against Ukraine. Russia has become a source of risks and threats to neighboring countries: its aggression could extend beyond Ukraine’s borders if Putin can amass sufficient military reserves. Currently, Russia is actively reorienting its economy and industry towards military purposes, which is an alarming signal for Europe. Aggressive Russian imperialism is a threat not only to Ukraine but also to the Baltic states and Poland.

Therefore, the Ukrainian Armed Forces must continue to receive the necessary weaponry in a timely manner. This is the only way to halt the aggressively expanding Russian territorial expansion, which is spreading rapidly. The arsenals of weapons produced in Western countries must be systematically replenished to ensure that the Russian army suffers unacceptable losses.