Supplies of air defense systems for the UAF are critically important before the winter

On November 5, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out another air strike on Ukraine. In total, 22 strike UAVs and 4 missiles were used. With the help of air defense forces, 15 drones and 1 missile were destroyed. Russians increasingly conduct combined attacks in order to deplete the ammunition of the air defense systems and determine their locations.

As a result of the recent concentrated strike on Ukraine, a suburb of Odessa was hit – it is known that 8 local residents were injured, and damage was also inflicted on several dozen residential buildings. Over the past months, Russians have mainly shelled the pre-frontline, border, and coastal settlements of Ukraine. This is a deliberate tactic aimed at causing maximum damage to civilian infrastructure and peaceful residents — air defense means cannot always intercept all airborne targets launched from close range.

Therefore, Ukraine should receive additional air defense systems and an adequate amount of ammunition for them, which quickly depletes under the conditions of concentrated missile strikes expected this coming winter. The sky over Ukraine must be reliably protected — this is the key to the safe functioning of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which will preserve light and warmth for millions of Ukrainians during the cold weather.