Summit in Prague: Sanctions on Russia, Aid for Ukraine — Putin’s Defeat

Following the Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimean Platform held in Prague on October 24, attending parliamentarians advocated for continued support for Ukraine.

According to summit participants, the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders has no alternative. Additionally, the participants reached a consensus on the imposition of additional sanctions against the state-terrorist, which unleashes aggressive wars. In this regard, particular attention will be paid to the impossibility of bypassing the restrictions previously imposed by Russia.

Parliamentarians from over 70 countries who participated in the latest International Crimean Platform summit emphasized the need for further provision of political, diplomatic, military, financial, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, as well as all possible support for Ukraine’s accession to the EU. The event did not overlook the issue of global food security. According to summit participants, Russia’s exit from the Black Sea Grain initiative and the ongoing shelling of Ukraine’s port infrastructure pose a risk of global famine. This is particularly relevant for African countries: two of its countries, Sierra Leone and Ghana, joined the Crimean Platform this year and visited Prague to participate in the summit. In particular, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana, Andrew Amoako, noted that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to an increase in grain prices, which Ghana imports from Ukraine. Accordingly, there are increasing risks of a scale-up of a food crisis in Africa.

The second parliamentary summit of the International Crimean Platform reaffirmed the international community’s solidarity with Ukraine, which has been defending its freedom and independence for 20 months. More and more countries are expressing unconditional support for Ukraine, understanding the grave mistake Putin made on 24th February 2022 and the fatal consequences it may lead to. The military crimes committed by Russian forces confirm the terrorist nature of Putin’s Russia. In these circumstances, the introduction of new sanctions will weaken the Russian economy and enhance its international isolation, while support for Ukraine and its army is a key guarantee for the return of peace to Europe.