Statements of the President of the Republic on matters discussed with the US Secretary of State

On the context of his meeting with the US Secretary of State on the afternoon of Sunday, November 6th, the President of the Republic, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, made the following comments.

In statements to the press, arriving at the Apostolos Varnavas Cathedral at the Holy Archbishopric for the opening of the International Theological Conference and asked to comment on the meeting he had in the afternoon at Larnaka Airport with the US Secretary of State, Mr Antony Blinken, the President of the Republic said: «It was important that the initiative of the Republic of Cyprus was discussed.

The US Secretary of State welcomes the approach of Lefkosia, of our country, taking into account the fact that we have excellent relations with all neighbouring countries. He thanked us for our role in the evacuation of the population from the region.

We also discussed the Cyprus issue in view of his visit to Turkey, as well as our bilateral relations. I consider his analysis particularly important in relation to how the situation is developing in the region, after the contacts he has had so far, and we agreed to stay in touch, specifically to see how conditions can be created to ensure unhindered humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

Asked about the planning of the Cypriot Authorities regarding the dispatch of humanitarian aid to Gaza, President Christodoulides stated: «Yes, there is a specific plan, a copy of which –because it is a specific document (which states) step by step how this will be done– I have shared with the US Secretary of State, as I have also shared it with others, such as France, which has shown a particular interest –I will be there for the Summit organised by the French President this week– as well as with the President of the Commission, who contacted me for more details, and we are working on this plan.”

Asked what was discussed in the meeting regarding the Cyprus problem, the President of the Republic said: «We particularly discussed with Mr Blinken the need to resume the talks from where they left off, but also specifically the issue of the decision of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to proceed with the appointment of an envoy. So far it appears that there is a refusal on the part of Turkey, although I told Mr Blinken, he knew it himself, that the effort of the United Nations continues.”