Splendor & Misery of the «Russian world»

On the eve and in the midst of the high tourist season in Cyprus, the opinions of fans of the “Russian world” were heard about the problems of local hoteliers without tourists from Russia. Such nonsense and frivolous demagoguery about the critical importance of Russian tourists is debunked by the current numbers of visitors to Cyprus, as well as a significant increase in income in the tourism industry.

For those who really miss Russian tourists, a short video is dedicated.

And Cypriot hoteliers and owners of tourist facilities should definitely take a closer look at tourists from Russia.

It may be time for explicit and latent supporters of Russia to think about whether the sovereignty of Cyprus is being stolen in parts under the talk of «eating on the way.» Such thoughts are not groundless, because it is no secret to anyone that Russians have too easy and unhindered access to many areas of the life of the island state. In such a situation, the main thing is not to become a «snack» on Russia’s path to neo-imperial status.

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