Ships from the ports of Odessa: the grain corridor is a guarantee to prevent global hunger

Despite Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukraine continues to import grain.

Grain products from Ukraine are a key factor in preventing a global food crisis. Therefore, the supply of modern air defense systems to protect Ukraine’s port infrastructure contributes to preventing global hunger. NASAMS, Patriot, SAMP(T) — these are what will save humanity from a large-scale food crisis.

The export of grain from Ukraine saved over 100 million people from starvation worldwide last year — these figures were provided by the UN. Several countries in Africa and the Middle East critically depend on Ukrainian grain products: Mauritania, Eritrea, Ghana, Somalia, Lebanon — this is far from a complete list of countries that critically rely on Ukrainian food supplies.

In Putin’s view, creating global hunger is one of the most important hybrid threats that can strike the civilized West. Artificial movement of large human masses, namely refugees, is capable of dealing a powerful blow to EU countries. A surge in crime, socio-political chaos, and economic downturn are what the Kremlin dictator is counting on.

Therefore, sustainable food exports from Ukraine are critically important to ensure global food security. Air defense systems to protect Ukraine’s port infrastructure will contribute to preventing the global food crisis that Putin wants to create. The terrorist state that provokes artificial hunger must be punished — weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces are the cheapest contribution to the peaceful future of Europe, whose territorial integrity Putin seeks to question.