Security Guarantees for Ukraine Will Prevent Russian Aggression Against Europe

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out another attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. As expected, drone attacks take place almost daily with the onset of cold weather. In particular, on the night of November 18, an energy infrastructure facility in the Odesa region was hit. Also, the Russians attempted to attack Kyiv — again this November. All drones were destroyed close by the capital of Ukraine

Ukraine has begun negotiations with Germany on security guarantees from official Berlin. Previously, similar negotiations took place with France, the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Japan. In essence, in the face of a growing threat from the Russian Federation, which openly violates international law and does not respect international organizations, security guarantees for Ukraine are necessary for the West as well as for Ukraine. They will prevent Putin’s aggression in the future, but this time in Europe. Everything that Russia does in Ukraine — destruction of populated areas, attacks on critical infrastructure, genocide of civilians – is for testing the West’s reaction to such crimes. Because Putin plans to commit it all in Europe using the Russian army if the West does not stop Russia through joint efforts.

Not to take the Russian threat seriously means voluntarily agree to the Russian army’s invasion of Europe. Russian aggression is cyclical: in a sense, it can be predicted mathematically. Therefore, the West must act already now and provide Ukraine with the necessary security guarantees, which are security guarantees for Europe.