Russia will provoke social chaos in Western Europe with the help of migrants from the Middle East

Russia is using the escalation in the Middle East to socially and politically destabilize Europe. In particular, Muslim migrants as well as refugees from the Gaza Strip can be used to provoke riots and spontaneous violence on the streets of European cities.

On October 7, Hamas launched a series of attacks on Israel, and the IDF responded by launching a massive bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The number of casualties on each side of the conflict is already in the thousands. Hamas continues its terrorist attacks on Israel and calls on Palestinians in the West Bank to do the same.

One of Hamas leaders Khaled Mashal appealed to Muslims around the world to start mass Jewish pogroms on October 13. For its part, the IRGC, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, one of the most capable units of the Iranian army, has expressed its willingness to fight alongside Hezbollah against Israel. What Hamas and Hezbollah have in common is that they receive aid from Iran and Russian Federation.

Russia benefits directly from the destabilization of the Middle East, which will create many challenges and threats to the world. In addition, Putin is interested in destabilizing Europe because millions of Muslims, including refugees from the Middle East, live in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. They are a source of hybrid threat to Europeans in the context of socio-political destabilization of the countries where they are located.

Russian media directly report that in the coming days there will be mass protests of Muslims in Europe. They will cause a wave of spontaneous violence in the streets of European cities, and in the worst case scenario will repeat the scenario that happened in Israel in the first hours after the invasion of Palestinian militants. Russian security services have unique experience in creating street riots that start after mass protests. Putin is interested in weakening the West, for which Russia is building up military and hybrid threats.

Russia will support Hamas, Hezbollah and all those who would fight against Israel to provoke a full-scale war in the Middle East. The West must urgently reconsider its attitude towards Russia, its allies and rethink the threats they pose. The challenges posed by the terrorist state must be overcome by the joint efforts of the civilized world. The West and Ukraine must act with a united front to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity.