Russia’s Demonstration Terror: A Missile Attack on Kyiv During the Visit of the African Delegation

The Russian Air Force launched a missile attack on the capital of Ukraine on June 16, on the day of the visit of the African delegation to Kyiv, which came with its peace plan. This terrorist attack can be considered an attempt on the lives of high-ranking African officials: among other things, Russia used 6 aeroballistic Kinzhal missiles, which are extremely dangerous. Western air defense systems shot down all targets flying exclusively on Kyiv. This crime shows Russia’s real attitude to peace and blatant disregard for the African peace plan. This is proof of Putin’s desire to continue the war in Ukraine and the confrontation with the whole world — Russia seeks no peace. African politicians should think about the feasibility of boycotting the Russia-Africa Economic Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg on July 26-29 this year.

Russia marked the visit of the African delegation to Kyiv with a powerful missile attack: at least 12 missiles were used: 6 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles and 6 Kalibr cruise missiles. Russian journalist S. Mardan immediately wrote about this crime on Telegram, calling it “a manifestation of respect for our African friends.” Russia does not even hide its crimes, because its entire foreign policy has become criminal, and the war that Putin is waging with an attempt to occupy Ukraine has become a combination of genocide and ecocide, which are carried out with the help of terrorist attacks. The Russian threat has long gone beyond the borders of Ukraine: the crimes committed daily by the Russian army pose a threat to the entire world.

Putin once again demonstrated that Russia is not interested in any peace initiatives, only in further escalation. Russia is the threat that is constantly increasing. Putin openly challenges the whole world: in response to the initiative of the President of South Africa to suspend the arrest warrant for Putin, issued by the ICC in the Netherlands, Russia launches a powerful missile attack on the day of his visit to Kyiv, and clearly demonstrates its desire not only to kill the civilian population, but also readiness to endanger the lives of foreign leaders, which objectively characterizes Moscow’s real attitude to Africa. This is evidence of the true intentions of Russia — endless war.

The West has no time to delay. Russia’s crimes in Ukraine will become a reality in Europe in the near future. Russia has become a threat to the whole world, which can only be stopped by the supply of weapons. Complete international isolation and new sanctions against Russia are essential, it will help to completely weaken the Russian army.