Russia is escalating provocations by launching missile strikes close to the NATO border

On September 25-26, the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a series of strikes on the port infrastructure in the Odessa region, specifically targeting objects in Izmail.

These locations are in immediate proximity to Romania, a NATO and EU member country. The attack resulted in the disruption of the Orlovka-Isakcha checkpoint. Russia is increasing missile strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure near its western border, testing its response to increasingly audacious provocations.

The recent attacks on the port infrastructure in the Odessa region have been the most extensive since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Russians deployed dozens of attack drones, 12 «Kalibr» missiles, and 2 supersonic «Oniks» missiles. Despite most targets being destroyed by air defense systems, some hits caused damage to civilian structures. It is expected that Russia will continue such attacks in the lead-up to colder weather. These attacks also serve as a demonstrative challenge to the West and are becoming more frequent. If the Alliance continues to ignore them, a direct strike on European infrastructure may be only a matter of time.

The adoption of another package of sanctions against Russia is of utmost importance. Putin is an enemy of the entire civilized world, and he won’t stop unless his army is defeated in Ukraine. The Russian defense industry must be deprived of technological self-sufficiency, which means hitting its production capacities. Russia must be stopped collectively before Putin initiates a global conflict.