Recent crisis at Pyla aims at recognition of breakaway regime

“Occupation of territories” and “exercise of sovereignty” in the buffer zone are the two keys on which occupying Turkey bases its management of the Arsos- Pyla road, Philenews informs.

These are two axes that are key tools for the promotion of the occupying power’s strategic objectives and are linked to Ankara’s insistence on the recognition of “sovereign equality” and “equal international status” of the breakaway regime in Cyprus.

The crisis, which Turkish President Erdogan has chosen to provoke in the Pyla region, is a test of the resilience of Nicosia and the international community, and it is clear that with this action, Ankara is aiming at the following:

First, to seize territory in the buffer zone and extend the sovereignty of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).”

Second, the realization of these aspirations reinforces the grand design and creates an impression that everything is done by the TRNC. That is, to highlight the “sovereign role” of the breakaway regime.

Thirdly, the expansion of the occupied territory throughout the buffer zone area offers a military advantage as, among other things, Turkish forces will be very close to the Larnaca-Famagusta highway and the sea. Previously, it was said that the occupation forces were aiming to cut off the two provinces.

Despite Ankara’s effort to give the impression that all decisions are made by the TRNC, the reality is that all plans and decisions belong to Turkey.

How can this crisis be addressed? The Turkish moves found Nicosia ready since it has long ago made sure to inform the international actors in advance, and it is obvious that its political and diplomatic interventions are having an effect.

Even before the UN Security Council issued its statement last Monday, many diplomatic initiatives were developed, and many moves were made.