Putin’s Goal in This War Is the Total Genocide of All Ukrainians: How to Prevent the Bloodiest Crime of the 21st Century, Unleashed by Russia?

The whole world is well aware of the tragedy in Bucha — a small town not far from Kyiv was victim to Russian killers who executed, tortured and raped local residents solely because they were Ukrainians. The liberation of occupied territories in the south and east of Ukraine shows the similar crimes committed by the Russians there: just as Hitler killed Jews simply for being Jews, so Putin deliberately ordered the killing of Ukrainians based on their nationality. This is the largest genocide in the entire post-war period and an unforgivable crime that will remain on the conscience of Russians for many generations.

The remains of 415 local residents, including women and children, killed by the Russians have already been found in the territories of the Luhansk region liberated from Russian occupation. It is likely that these are the residents who did not want to or did not have time to evacuate. And they were killed by the Russians just because they were Ukrainians.

The whole world was shoked by footage from Bucha, where Russian troops committed genocide on national grounds. The so-called “protection of the civilians of Donbas” was one of the reasons declared by Putin for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops committed atrocities in the Kyiv region, but the liberation of parts of the Kherson and Luhansk regions shows that the same genocide of Ukrainians was taking place there: Putin wants to completely destroy, expel or deport all the Ukrainians he hates, even if it means killing half the male population of Russian Federation

Putin started the biggest post-war genocide, the Russian industry and military-industrial complex are adapting to the war very quickly, and the mobilization de facto does not stop in Russia. Putin is ready to wage war until he has the resources: historically, Russia has always fought like this and stopped only when it lost its offensive potential. In this regard, Europe is not protected from the Russian threat, and if Putin is succeed in Ukraine, he will go further.

Ukraine is in critical need of Western weapons: anti-missile defense and air defense equipment, tanks and heavy artillery. Putin has challenged the civilized world and it has no choice but to accept it. The Russian army must be destroyed in Ukraine with the help of Western weapons: this is not an exaggeration. It is the harsh reality, otherwise the war will come to the peaceful and comfortable cities of Europe.