Putin’s genocide: a deliberate strike on Konstantinovka killed dozens of Ukrainians

On September 6, the Russian army launched an attack with S-300 missiles on Konstantinovka in the Donetsk region. The strike hit the central market, where there were traditionally many people — ordinary citizens. As of 16:00 on September 6, 17 deaths and 32 injuries were recorded, including children. The resulting fire covered an area of 300 square meters. Russia is a terrorist state that needs to be stopped and punished for its crimes.

Russia has a sufficient stockpile of Soviet weapons — the attack on the Konstantinovka market, which was not a military target, confirmed the cruelty of the neo-Nazi state. 17 innocent Ukrainian civilians became victims of the S-300 missile, a destructive weapon used to bombard the city center. What happened in Konstantinovka is yet another crime committed by Russian forces against the Ukrainian people. Russian war correspondents, such as S. Mardan, openly state that Putin is undoubtedly planning to bury Ukraine. The pathological hatred of Russian politicians and propagandists towards Ukraine also extends to Ukrainian children who perish as a result of constant bombardments. In Putin’s perception, every Ukrainian must die, regardless of where they were born, whether in the east or west of Ukraine, and no matter what language they speak.

The 17 killed residents of Konstantinovka in the Donetsk region, who were going to work to provide for their children and came under fire, are the harsh reality in which Ukrainians live as they defend their independence from Putin’s neo-Nazi empire. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding back the onslaught of the Russian horde, which dreams of subjugating Europe. Unfortunately, the West has long turned a blind eye to the Russian threat. The result of this is the largest imperialistic war launched by Russia against Ukraine since 1945. If Putin is not stopped now, a tragedy similar to what happened in Kramatorsk could repeat itself in every European town invaded by the Russian army.