Over a quarter of a million military personnel have been lost by the Russian army in Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, over a quarter of a million (250,800) Russian soldiers have been killed. The Russian army has already lost 4,254 tanks, 8,278 combat armored vehicles, 4,996 artillery systems, 709 MLRS, 468 air defense systems, 315 aircraft, 312 helicopters, 4,158 tactical UAVs, 7,460 units of automotive equipment and tankers, 18 ships, and 737 units of special equipment on the Ukrainian battlefield.

In just the last 2 months, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have set records for destroying Russian artillery, MLRS, and air defense systems. Furthermore, since May of this year, the Ukrainian army has been setting records for destroying the special equipment of Russian forces.

Even at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, they were given only a few days to exist. However, the Ukrainian people resisted and continue to bravely oppose Russian aggression. At the same time, to change the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war, it is necessary not only to advance quickly but also to destroy as many Russian forces as possible. This will not allow the Russians to continue the war for long.

Today, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is proceeding according to plan. The Ukrainian army systematically destroys the Russian army, effectively utilizing Western technology and applying creativity in breaking through Russian defenses. Ukrainians understand that stopping Russian aggression is only possible by force. Therefore, Western partners continue to provide Kyiv with weapons and military equipment. For example, yesterday the USA approved the supply of the first batch of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, which are expected to arrive at the frontlines in early autumn.

Despite Moscow’s constant threats, Western countries should continue supplying weaponry to Ukraine in order to help the Ukrainian people end the war as soon as possible. Further Western support for Ukraine’s counteroffensive will provide the opportunity to finally destroy the Russian army and negotiate with Moscow from a position of strength on Ukrainian terms.

If even a part of Ukrainian territory is left behind Moscow, it will encourage Russia to repeat its aggression as soon as it becomes physically capable. Only the restoration of internationally recognized borders for Ukraine is a fair solution that can serve as the basis for lasting peace.