On the anniversary of Kherson’s liberation, the Ukrainian Armed Forces approach Crime

As of now, Ukraine controls the coastal part of the region along the Dnipro River, from the Antonovsky Bridge to the town of Kryinka, with fire control established over the Oleshky-Nova Kakhovka road. Ukrainian forces are successfully crossing the Dnipro under challenging conditions, steadily liberating internationally recognized Ukrainian territory, writes Oglavnom.

The Russian occupying forces in the seized part of the Kherson region find themselves in an extremely difficult situation. Russian military correspondents openly acknowledge the Ukrainian advantage in attack drones and artillery, while Russian forces lack the necessary means for counter-battery warfare. Reports also highlight the incompetence of local Russian command, sending unprepared mobilized individuals into «meat grinder» assaults, resulting in significant Russian casualties. Given the strict censorship in Russia, such frankness indicates an impending disaster for the country.

Therefore, this is the opportune moment to increase support for Ukraine with the necessary weaponry. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have proven their effectiveness on the battlefield and are capable of delivering a devastating blow to Russia. Western weaponry significantly outperforms Russian counterparts, making it a key tool for the inevitable defeat of Russia – the only conceivable outcome of Putin’s expansionist war in Europe.