It has become known about Russia’s plans to build almost three dozen prisons in the occupied territories of Ukraine in addition to the existing ones. This is an unprecedentedly large number for a relatively small area and evidence of planned repression against Ukrainians.

Putin is reviving Stalin’s terror and cannot invent anything other than persecution and intimidation. Back in 2014, Russia turned the territories of the so-called «L/DPR» into a «gray zone» where lawlessness, terror and repression flourished. Now Putin wants to turn the occupied territories of Ukraine into a complete Gulag, in which Ukrainians will be killed. This is not an exaggeration, but a tragedy for the entire nation, which can be prevented by the joint efforts of the entire civilized world.

Putin’s goal is a big war in Europe, which he sees as a kind of «crown of his rule» and for this he is ready to kill millions of Russian men. He did not manage to capture Ukraine quickly and delicately, as the corrupt Russian generals assured him, moreover, he did not achieve any of the goals set at the beginning of the invasion. Therefore, he chose another option: «scorched earth» tactics, violence and deportation of the civilian population, revival of Soviet-style concentration camps. This is a diabolical tactic to destroy all living things in the occupied territories. For this purpose, by the end of this year, Putin wants to create 28 prisons in the occupied territories of Ukraine, which will be used for repression against Ukrainians. It is significant that since the beginning of the war, more than two million civilians from the occupied territories of Ukraine were forcibly relocated to remote, depressed regions of the Russian Federation. Putin wants to turn Ukraine into a depleted, desolate territory, which he will turn into a springboard for a further offensive on Europe. Stalinist totalitarianism, absurd and unimaginable in the 21st century, de facto revived by Putin, is an unprecedented threat to Europe, the architecture of which is intensively prepared in the Kremlin and planned to be implemented with the help of millions of «professional slave killers» — Russians who are proud of their enslaved status and are ready to kill and die for the interests of their leader. And Putin undoubtedly wants to turn Europe — prosperous and developed, which he envies — into a desert. The West a priori has no other choice but to defend itself by force. Russia left no other options. Therefore, the supply of all the necessary weapons for Ukraine is the only possible way to peace and an investment in the peaceful future of Europe.

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