Latest Successes in Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

Today, Ukraine stands as a bulwark of civilization and defender of Western humanistic values. This is not a war for territories; it’s a war for the future of a civilized world and the values that will prevail.

Ukrainian soldiers are achieving remarkable feats. Ukraine demonstrates that the liberation of its land during combat operations is not accidental; it’s well-deserved. It’s the heroism of the people and the support of Ukraine’s partners. The courage of Ukrainians and the solidarity of the global community are working towards a highly desired common outcome. During active combat operations, the Ukrainian army accomplishes the impossible, shattering established theories and practices of modern warfare. Ukraine’s defense forces successfully carry out offensive and counteroffensive tasks under unequal conditions in terms of deployed forces and resources.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repel aggression and conduct counteroffensives in the east and south of the country. Over the past three weeks of the counteroffensive, Ukraine has breached the first of Russia’s defensive lines in the south of Ukraine, liberated the village of Rabotyne, and made progress towards Tokmak, a key city on the path to Melitopol.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Maliar, Ukrainian forces have liberated the key village of Andriivka in the Donetsk region, not far from Bakhmut, during assault operations. Inflicting significant losses on the enemy in personnel and equipment, defense forces are achieving success in advancing south of Bakhmut, specifically in the Kleshchiivka and Kurdiumivka areas. This represents both a symbolic and strategically important military success, opening up new possibilities for a successful counteroffensive in the region.

Ukrainian warriors attack the enemy and inflict damage in the most unexpected places, forcing the enemy to disperse its forces and resources. The destruction of the enemy fleet in the Black Sea by Ukrainian defense forces continues: two modern patrol ships of Project 22160 «Vasiliy Bykov» were damaged by drone attacks. Both vessels sustained significant damage and cannot carry out their tasks at sea. During a «unique special operation» near Evpatoria in Russian-occupied Crimea, a $1.2 billion Russian air defense system «Triumf» was destroyed.

The notable successes achieved by Kyiv in the south of the country and in the Bakhmut area, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are moving eastward and to the north and south of the city, are remarkable given that Ukraine has not yet received more effective weapons from the West, which are crucial for the success of offensive operations. While the delivery of F-16 aircraft has been confirmed, permission to begin training Ukrainian pilots was only recently granted, and the aircraft themselves will arrive next year. There is still no decision to provide Ukraine with longer-range missiles like ATACMS.

It is essential for Ukraine’s allies to increase the production of ammunition and equipment to liberate their temporarily occupied territories. The effectiveness of Ukraine’s defense forces can be significantly enhanced with modern combat aircraft, long-range missiles, and a greater supply of ammunition. The delivery of weaponry and armored vehicles to Ukraine will help minimize losses among Ukrainian citizens, shorten the duration of the war, and accelerate its conclusion.