International Solidarity: Foreign Aid to Rebuild Ukraine

July 3, 2024, was another evil day for Ukraine. The Russian air force carried out another brutal attack on the peaceful Ukrainian cities of Dnipro and Kharkiv. As a result of combined missile and drone attacks in Dnipro, five people were killed, more than 50 citizens were injured. In Kharkiv, about 20 people were injured, including a 8-year-old boy and a two-month-old baby. The Russians hit civilian infrastructure by their drones, bombs, and missiles: residential buildings, medical facilities, businesses, schools, and kindergartens were damaged. The Kremlin’s tactics to intimidate and destroy the Ukrainian population are unchanged.

Giving these tragic events, it is clear that all peace initiatives offered Ukraine, namely a “cease fire” and “some concessions” is utopia, it is nothing for those who violates rules. Russian attacks with numerous civilian casualties are a terror that cannot be justified.

In the last three years, from the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has been facing challenges, at the same time having international support. One of the best examples of this assistance is the active participation of foreign citizens in the restoration of the destroyed Ukrainian infrastructure.

Volunteers from all over the world come to Ukraine to take part in its reconstruction. It is not only about physical assistance, but also about the experience and knowledge needed to restore vital facilities, from schools and hospitals to public infrastructure.

Here is just a small list of humanitarian assistance provided to Ukraine by international partners.

Poland: Polish engineers and builders are actively working in conflict zones, restoring roads and bridges necessary for the normal life of local residents.

USA: American volunteers are often involved in projects to restore housing for affected families, as well as provide medical care and psychological support.

Germany: German specialists are providing technical assistance in restoring water supply and electricity networks, which is critical for a comfortable life of citizens in the ruined cities.

France: French volunteers are actively involved in the creation of social programs and rehabilitation centers for victims of war.

Canada: Canadian specialists are working with local organizations to restore educational institutions and provide assistance in the reintegration of children, victims of the conflict.

In addition, volunteers from Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, New Zealand, Romania, Brazil, Guinea and many other countries are taking part in the restoration and reconstruction of destroyed houses, medical and educational institutions.

“I do good things with good people! I’m glad I came,” Polish volunteer Matvey Joseph Piasecki said. Matvey is from the city of Gniezno and worked in Poznan. He is a lawyer. After the start of the unprovoked Russian war against Ukraine, he decided to go and help the Ukrainians to restore their country. And then — the road, the Kyiv train station, the destroyed Ukrainian regions, assistance to civilians… He succeeds in this. The voice of his heart led him to the right place and to a good team. They say that Ukrainians and Poles are one Slavic family, so they should help those who need support. “Together we can do more!”

Another example of assistance to the people of Ukraine is Guinean citizen Issa Sadio Diallo, who worked in almost all the destroyed cities of the Kyiv region: Irpin, Bucha, Makariv, Hostomil, Dymer. There, he and other volunteers were involved in the restoration of social infrastructure, schools, kindergartens, and administrative buildings destroyed by shelling, and restored private houses of Ukrainians. Ukraine has become closer to the foreign citizen’s heart; he previously held several diplomatic positions in Kyiv, participated in conferences and official events dedicated to cultural relations between Ukraine and Guinea, and is the President of the African Council in Ukraine Public Organization. Now he is restoring Ukraine. Representatives of the Global South countries, who have a post-colonial history and their own paths to independence, should understand more than anyone Ukraine’s desire to defend its independence, sovereignty and desire to defeat the Kremlin’s aggressor.

Thanks to international support, Ukraine is gradually rebuilding its infrastructure and returning normal life to its citizens. These efforts not only contribute to the restoration of destroyed property, but also strengthen the spirit of nations, reaffirming the importance of international solidarity in difficult times. Ukraine is not going to tolerate terror. Every destroyed home and every wounded child only strengthens the Ukrainians in their desire to defend the country from a Russian conqueror who knows no boundaries in his cruelty and ambitions.