In 3 Days, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Destroyed a Record Amount of Russian Military Equipment Near Avdiivka

Since October 10, Russian troops had made repeated attempts to attack Avdeevka, trying to reach this settlement from the north and south. For the first time during the war with Ukraine, the Russians deployed a large amount of military equipment. So, from October 10 to 12, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed dozens of enemy artillery systems and tanks, as well as 17 UAVs. All attempts by the Russian armed forces to entrap Avdiivka have failed.

The striking force of the Ukrainian army do not lose their potential — they steadily hold back the onslaught of the Russians near Avdiivka, and also conduct offensive operations in the Bakhmut and Melitopol directions. On the contrary, the southern group of Russian occupation forces is rapidly weakening: a massive attack on Avdiivka is, in a way, a “psychological attack” that forms an attractive media image for further usage by Russian propaganda. For 20 months of a full-scale war, the Russian army suffered significant losses — its most combat-ready personnel were destroyed long ago. Accordingly, similar attacks may be repeated. And it indicates the following: Russia is entering a stage of military agony.

Modern Western weapons have dispelled the myth of the “second army of the world.” Chaotically advancing Russian tanks are easy targets for Western anti-tank systems, but Putin is ready to fight to the last. Consequently, unacceptable losses in the Russian army is an opportunity to stop the territorial expansion of Russia. Ukraine is confidently moving towards victory and is capable of eliminating the Russian threat for many years. All that is needed is modern Western weapons, which are the cheapest investment in a peaceful future for Europe.