F-16 Fighters Will Bring Ukraine’s Victory over Russia Closer

The Netherlands intends to donate 42 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine – this was agreed during the meeting of V. Zelenskyy with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, M. Rutte, on August 20. Denmark also intends to provide Ukraine with similar fighter jets — initially it is about 19 planes. The planes will be supplied after the relevant training of Ukrainian pilots and engineers. If the Armed Forces receive modern fighters that are superior to those of Russian ones, this will significantly bring Ukraine’s victory over Russia closer. In addition, F-16 can effectively shoot down missiles and drones, because Russia continues to terrorize the rear Ukrainian cities. Such fighter jets will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strengthen its air defense and save the lives of many Ukrainians.

The transfer of modern F-16 fighters to Ukraine will certainly affect the course of the war and accelerate Ukraine’s victory over Russia. These aircraft will destroy not only Russian air defense equipment and the accumulation of manpower and armored vehicles of the Russian army, but will also deliver powerful blows deep into the Russian defenses. The Russians have created a multi-level system of fortifications and still have hundreds of fighter jets of various modifications, as well as dozens of Ka-52 attack helicopters. Under such circumstances, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should gain air superiority in their territory and in the territory of Ukraine occupied by the Russians. The intention of two NATO countries to donate fighter jets to Ukraine is absolute progress and evidence of growing support from the international community. Russian propaganda reacted painfully to such a decision, and the Russian ambassador to Denmark called Copenhagen’s decision an “escalation.” The Russians are well aware of the qualitative superiority of the F-16 over Russian and Soviet fighters and understand the risks associated with the superiority of the Armed Forces in the air to their defense.

Ukraine must get everything it needs to liberate its territory from occupation and expel the Russians. Putin has created a dangerous geopolitical precedent: if Russia holds Ukrainian territories with impunity, it will become an example for other dictatorships to struggle for new lands. Putin must be stopped in Ukraine with the help of modern Western weapons that will ensure peace and stability in Europe.